Little obsessions and more distractions

I’ve noticed that on Twitter, I’ve been a very bad, bad girl.

It started with watching the Tonight Show, and a few of its online videos. If you remember the last post I put on here with a video of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon doing impersonations of the late Alan Rickman, I also found its sequel, where Rickman came back to the Tonight Show last year before he died. This is what happened on that show in 2015:

Then I found more videos similar to that one, featuring celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Morgan Freeman. My favorite was the one with Oscar winner Helen Mirren:

And that’s when I lost it.

I had had enough of Jimmy Fallon not mentioning me or any of my tweets for the weekly Tonight Show Hashtags on Thursdays. It was time for me to take my matters into my own hands.

I responded in kind for both of these videos, and then suggested to him that I wanted to hear a certain British actor’s voice on helium.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice. If he says he’ll agree to it.

But in the words of Toula’s father Gus in My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “Nobody listens to me!”

I mean, hello? Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in the new movie Doctor Strange in less than a month and he has an iconic voice! What must it be like if his voice was distorted?

But no, I guess it’s a stupid idea that I came up with and it’s probably because I’m a total fangirl. Call me a Cumberbabe, or a Cumberb–ch, I don’t care.

I wonder if you can make cucumber sandwiches with cookies and call them cumberbitches? They did it on How I Met Your Mother season nine, where the “mother” made sumbitch cookies and offered some to Lily, who ended up eating all of them. Good idea for my Disney Princess novel!

Ok, I think I’ve had enough of this craziness and I really should be doing more important things. I’ve been distracting myself far too much with all of these obsessions. I need to write. And read.

Though sometimes these little obsessions are ok to fantasize about for a little while. Then it’s back to work. Just like the song by Washington D.C. band Army of Me, it’s “Back to Business”.

I just want November to get here already. Minus the Christmas ads. I don’t want to even think about Christmas until Thanksgiving day and I won’t do any holiday shopping until Black Friday. That’s why it’s called Black Friday anyway.

You know me. 🙂

Happy Columbus Day, by the way. Stupid holiday, I know. I wish the libraries didn’t have to close.


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