Positively medieval

For the record, I did not have time to go to the Maryland Renaissance Fair last weekend.

As soon as my boyfriend and I were on the road, we had to wait three hours, two of them to get through the traffic in Crownsville. When we were close enough to the fest, we saw a big sign that read: Renaissance Fair SOLD OUT.

I took off the veiled tiara I bought at that same fair last year and sighed. I got all dressed up for nothing.

We were both disappointed that we didn’t get tickets early enough, or we didn’t arrive earlier or wake up earlier so that we could buy tickets to get in. But then I thought that even if we did buy tickets online, we would have had to deal with the gargantuan crowds and the hassle of parking on the outskirts before that great big walk to the fair.

And I even cancelled going to my support group for this! But I’m guessing that this was the last two weeks of the Ren Fair, so it was going to be busy anyway.

The day wasn’t a total loss, though. My boyfriend decided there was a Cheesecake Factory in the area, so we would go there for an early dinner and dessert before heading home and seeing a movie. He wanted to see Secret Life of Pets, I wanted to see Bridget Jones’s Baby, but I am kicking myself for not compromising to go see Kubo. We opted for the pets movie, because I loved watching Buddy the cute dachshund and the other cute dogs in the movie, like Max, Duke and Gidget. And the heavy metal head-banging poodle Leonard.

But I still had some fun. Lord, how I missed the 30th Anniversary Cheesecake, with all that chocolate. And Cheesecake Factory’s orange chicken was divine; Panda Express can suck it.

But my boyfriend was still pretty upset that we missed the Ren Fair. After all, he had to work weekends and I had support group on Saturdays. We wouldn’t have made it anyway, even if the very last weekend they were open was this upcoming weekend. I couldn’t afford to miss another week of support group, really.

But he was upset that he made me a little disappointed that we didn’t get to go. So instead, he ordered a couple of tickets to Medieval Times for Wednesday, which is tomorrow. Sadly, the show got merged with another show, so we had to pick another day, as he informed me this morning. We’re going on Saturday night.

Hopefully, that won’t be cancelled. I hate to see plans fall through yet again.

For me, he really didn’t have to go through all that trouble to get us to Crownsville, come back, and then get tickets for a dinner and jousting show. I honestly haven’t been to a Medieval Times since I was maybe 13, when my parents drove me out to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the weekend. We stopped at a whole bunch of gas stations and rest stops along the way to stretch (including a South of the Border), stayed at a nice hotel with a pool that had inner tubes, went to the beach, and went to our first Medieval Times show ever.

At that Medieval Times, the Black and White Knight won and picked a nice girl out of the audience to sit with the king and queen. I sort of wished he picked me since I was sitting at his section. But it was fun.

But I would have liked it if we had gone dancing somewhere where they had ballroom dancing, which would have been cheaper. Friday Night Swing only costs $30 for two people every Friday and on Mondays, the price was only $5 each for an hour and a half of swing dancing starting at 8 p.m. But he had trivia night on Mondays and I didn’t know what he usually did on Friday nights.

I guess Medieval Times is a good place to go, though, when your plans for a good dress up like a princess day falls through. But I’m not even sure what to wear on Saturday when we go.

I will say this: he loved the way I dressed last Saturday when we got turned away at the fair. It may have been the longest road trip we ever had together as a couple, but we both made the most of it. And there’s always next year when I can dress up. There’s also Halloween, but that weekend celebration is another week and a half away.

I’ll see what happens when this weekend comes around.

Playlist selection- I wore the same color dress to go to the Ren Fair, even if it was a bust. My boyfriend still liked it.


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