The belated Halloween post

My delicious steampunk "Professor Candy" costume I wore to Club Orpheus on Friday. My lover man dressed as the scrumdidlyumptious Mr. Wonka.

My delicious steampunk “Professor Candy” costume I wore to Club Orpheus on Friday. My lover man dressed as the scrumdidlyumptious Mr. Wonka.

It is nearly 11 p.m. my time as I’m writing this, so this will probably be too late to reach the Monday Blogs page on Twitter, where they retweet me regularly. But it is Halloween and I had other preparations, like giving candy out to children.

As I’m listening to one of my favorite Imelda May albums, I’ve just realized that I haven’t written anything in a week. The weather hasn’t been all that helpful either. Here in Maryland, we’re having an Indian summer at the end of October into November, with temperatures in the 70s during the day and my parents just switched the thermostat to heat.

And I just paid a visit to the White Marsh Mall, where they’ve already put up a Christmas tree and the very red carpet spot where children can get their pictures taken on Santa’s lap. Right on Halloween day.

Doesn’t that make you sick, turning your stomach inside out?

But this makes me feel better: Doctor Strange comes out on Friday. My original plan was to go to the Cinemark in Towson to see the show on Saturday with my WTC friends and my boyfriend, but my boyfriend had a better idea to pay a visit to the theatre that I haven’t visited in years. Not since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, the movie that made me quite depressed.

We’re going to Bengie’s Drive In, which I haven’t seen since that Disney pirate movie came out. The only difference between these theatres is Cinemark has a great selection of food, drinks, and booze, and you get to see the movie in nice leather seats. At the drive in, you see the movie in your car, but it’s a triple feature- three movies on one screen. And the place gets crowded and parking can be a hassle.

They’re showing Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book, two Disney live action kids movies with the Marvel movie in between. I’ve seen both movies, and they’re both pretty good, but all I really want to see is Doctor Strange and that’s it. The last time I saw those two kids movies was at the cheap discount theatre, and they were pretty good, but not phenomenal. They were just Disney doing its best.

My parents saw Kubo not long ago and I feel guilty for not watching it with them. It sounded like a fun movie, but I completely missed it because I was having a fun time with my boyfriend. My parents told me George Takei was in it briefly.

And they added that at the end of the movie, Kubo plays an instrumental of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from the Beatles on his two stringed instrument! How awesome is that? Now I want to see it, but I’m kicking myself because that movie is no longer at the discount theatre. I can’t believe it went by so fast.

Now the stupid Storks movie is playing there, as well as Suicide Squad (already saw it- twice, the second time was better) and a bunch of other movies I have no interest in seeing.

Maybe I need to take a step back and slow down with all these dates with my boyfriend so I can spend some time with my parents. However, this girl has got to grow up, focus more on being an adult and have some grown up fun with her man. (Ha, effing ha.)

Looks like I’ll have to plan accordingly for a night of fun no matter how I slice it, and pack a jacket for it might get chilly. They said it might get colder after it rains on Thursday. I don’t like the look of it, though. For some reason, I don’t want to get rid of my warm summer clothes and start pulling out those bulky sweaters.

pict1475I just hope Jimmy Fallon grants me my wish when Benedict Cumberbatch comes on his show. Make his voice go squeaky and let the audience roar in laughter… Mwa ha ha haaaaaa…

Happy Halloween,

The Nerd Queen



Playlist selection- some spooky songs by Danny Elfman and the queen of rockabilly


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