NaNoWriMo strikes again!

It’s officially November 1st, All Saints’ Day, and that means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.

It’s also National Authors’ Day, according to Twitter.

So for writers everywhere: time to… PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Get out your notebooks, computers, notepads, tablets, pens and pencils, anything, and write like you mean it in 30 days!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can come up with 50,000 words in a single month, not with Thanksgiving on the way.

Yes, I said Thanksgiving. I am NOT thinking about Christmas yet, unlike some people. You shouldn’t be holiday shopping until Black Friday, you eeeediots. That’s why it’s CALLED Black Friday! Stores’ profits go in the black, duh.

But that’s not why I’m super excited like I gorged myself on too much candy like some kids do on Halloween, then suffer the stomachaches the next day. I’m excited because of this:


Thursday, Jimmy Fallon is bringing Benedict Cumberbatch on the show… The same time he has Tonight Show Hashtags. The day before Doctor Strange is released in theatres…

That only means one thing… Unleashing the inner Cumberbabe within and tweeting things on his hashtag game, hoping that I will get on his show for just a split second…

I have the right to laugh with New York! And I have the right to post every day on this blog, hoping to get Fallon’s attention!

Just kidding about the second statement, but I will be posting something new every day this week until the new movie is officially in theatres. Only three more days now…

I just hope Jimmy Fallon heard my wishes on Twitter… I would laugh along with the nation if he got the British actor turned superhero to inhale helium and speak with a distorted voice. And wouldn’t it be great if he mentioned my Twitter handle when asking Cumberbatch to do so?

Ha-ha, ha-ha, I crack myself up. Not a chance would he ever do that.

But back to a more serious matter, I’m going to try cracking my monthly word count by writing in this blog every day until the weekend. I really have nothing better to do all month long, so it’s about time I do something about my followers and my pitiful web traffic. I need to write in my blog regularly if I’m going to have more people looking at my writing.

My friend Katie, author Bob Greenberger’s daughter, told me that if I move to a city like New York or Washington D.C., I will find my tribe and get my foot in the door to be an excellent writer and author. Problem is, the closest big city to me is Baltimore, which is not a great city especially with the riots, crime, and most recently a bus accident on Frederick Street, killing six people. There is no way in hell I’m moving down there.

Living in Washington is too expensive, and same with New York. I have no income. I’m completely broke. But I wouldn’t mind visiting New York city at least once to see Serendipity café and order a frozen hot chocolate, walk down Times Square, and see a taping of the Tonight Show.

Then again, I checked the same website again, and getting a ticket to the show is actually just as difficult as getting into college. You have to order tickets online at least a month in advance, and then hope and pray that you’re selected to get tickets on a sold out show. If at the beginning of the month you don’t get any tickets, you can try going to NYC by being the first in line for cancelled tickets at 9 a.m. sharp, or finding where the mystery intern is by following the #FallonTonight hashtag on Twitter at noon. There are other ways, I call “contest” ways of winning tickets, but if you don’t get tickets a month in advance, too bad.

Well, it’s a pretty popular show because it’s Fallon and the famous hip hop group The Roots. But I wouldn’t mind at least seeing the 30 Rock building where they tape that show and Saturday Night Live, at 30 Rockefeller Center, NYC.

I guess I have to wait with bated breath until Thursday night for the interview, the Hashtag game, and the exclusive clip of the new movie out this Friday. Should be fun.

I’ve written close to 700 words and I’m starting to wear myself out with this blog post. I think I’ve written enough.

pict0074Happy writing, WriMos. And I tip my tiny steampunk hat to all the authors of the world whom have done so well in publishing their works.



Love you all,

The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- No one does this song crazier than Freddie, but if Freddie Mercury was alive now, he’d say to Brendan Urie, “You did a damn fine job at this. Bloody brilliant, man.”


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