Dirty 30 diet rules for Thanksgiving

Today’s Thanksgiving, and in a few hours, it will be Black Friday for some people. (I hate Christmas shopping anytime before Thanksgiving- I also can’t stand those who have done their holiday shopping as far back as July or Easter. Pathetic) But right now, I know you’re probably worried about your waistline after you’ve had that big turkey and all that pie.

I am too. Ever since I was diagnosed with a mental illness, I’ve been gaining weight and I have no idea how it happened or why it won’t come off.

I also remember when my aunt said that the only times you can overindulge in food is the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But now I’m starting to think that statement is flawed. You can’t overindulge at all and make yourself sick to behave later. That just puts the pounds back on and you won’t be able to face yourself in the mirror.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to brush up on something I remember writing back in college, which I’ve come to call the dirty 30 diet rules… Something that I think everyone can go by without objection to, even on the holidays.

Rule 1: Never give up the things you love.

Rule 2: Think smaller portions.

Rule 3: Eat until you are satisfied. Don’t eat until you’re full.

Rule 4: When you think you want some bread or pasta, set limits. Eating one or two servings of carbs three times a day is ideal. For example: cereal in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, and a little bit of pasta or potatoes at night. But refer to rules 2 and 3.

Rule 5: Try not to eat at all after 9 p.m. If you feel hungry before bed, have a light, healthy snack, nothing heavy, with a cup of milk. (When I say light, I mean applesauce, peanut butter, a scoop of ice cream, a piece of wheat or honey wheat bread with butter made with canola oil, nothing that will load your stomach like pasta or tacos.)

Rule 6: Replace soda with water. Everything will start to taste better without that added sugar and carbonated water.

Rule 7: Start drinking more tea instead of coffee. Hot or iced, but not out of a soda can.

Rule 8: Avoid going for “seconds” or “thirds”. See rule 3. If you’re still hungry, have more vegetables or more fruit.

Rule 9: Try to avoid serving food “family style”. Serve food on each individual plate and put the leftovers in the fridge so you’ll be less tempted.

Rule 10: Veggies are our friends. (My favorite veggie is spinach. I’ll eat it any way you make it.) Don’t neglect your apples and orange juice either.

Rule 11: Whole grains are our friends too, but used in moderation. See rule 2.

Rule 12: Dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate on the planet. And the most delicious.

Rule 13: If you want to “stress-eat”, take a walk, drink some water, or drink some hot tea. (I prefer peppermint or Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings.)

Rule 14: Not all sugar substitutes are friendly. Sugar is really the best thing for you, unless you’re diabetic. Anything made with stevia is good too (PureVia, Truvia, etc). Also, if you’re really health conscious but want your apple pie, try store bought pies with the words, “no sugar added” on the box. There are other no sugar added recipes online.

(Note: My dad is diabetic and he loves apple pie. Guess what we had for dessert on Thanksgiving? No sugar added apple.)

Rule 15: Eat grilled meats instead of fried. Less salt, less trans and saturated fats, less body weight. See rules 1 and 2. Moderation is your friend, but only do fried stuff once in a while.

That’s the first half of the rules. I’ll post the other half later.


The Lady in the Blue Box


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