Our first Christmas…

My parents and I finally put up the tree this past Saturday.

pict0094I know it doesn’t look like much, because we couldn’t find the silver and white snowflake star, nor could we find the tree skirt. My parents think it might be shoved with a whole bunch of things we put downstairs to clean out the living room, and at the same time, they’re both thinking we should go to the store to find a new tree topper and a new tree skirt. It’s probably around that time because most of our decorations, even our tree, is getting old.

pict0099Still, I’m thinking this is the most beautiful tree we have yet. And it’s only less than a week until Christmas. It’s hard to ignore it anymore.

Either way, I’m excited for the holidays for the first time in three years. Two years ago, I got sick with bile and got into a screaming match with my father on Christmas Eve. Then on New Year’s, my baby puppy D’Artagnon got sick, which turned into kidney failure on Valentine’s Day the following year.

pict0107I was not happy that year. I couldn’t eat my dad’s awesome roast turkey that year because I was so nauseous. All I did for Christmas that year was watch “The Next Doctor” Doctor Who Christmas special that my dad got me, take Zofran, and sleep.

Then last year was my first run at WTC, before I was enrolled in the Office Technology program, but after I finished Work Readiness. I was glad to be out of there for a long winter break until January, but I was still miserable, for it was our first Christmas without my baby man D’Artagnon.

It was also the very last Christmas celebration with our karaoke friend John Kutz before he died from cancer. I just wished I said goodbye to him before it was too late.

pict0095This year is going to be a happier time for me, though. As of today, I’ve been dating my new boyfriend for four months and we’re spending this Friday together to celebrate our first Christmas. He’s been very busy this past week, though, and he even has to work on Wednesday, which he usually takes the day off to spend with me.

pict0097He’s busy making last minute arrangements and calculations at the Belvedere Hotel before the year is over, so he has to work longer. But his boss gave him the day off Friday before Christmas Eve, this Friday, to give him some rest before the holidays. I’m still missing him for a whole week, since the last time I saw him was last Friday night after he was finished with work, and he was saving money for more Christmas shopping.

I already bought a gift for him in advance. I think he’ll get a kick out of it, even though it came from Five Below. That was all I could afford, but it’s the thought that matters.

I have no idea what he’s getting me for the holiday. I’m sure he’s already done his shopping for me already, since he said he’d do it yesterday.

pict0103Right now, there are some presents I need to wrap for my mom and grandma, as they’re sitting on my chair waiting for Christmas Eve Saturday. And I’m trying to come up with something more to add to chapter seven of my new YA novel.

That’s something I forgot to say ahead of time. I’m writing a new novel for teens that involves superheroes, like that of Marvel comics. It’s called Super Frost: Confessions of a Teenage Superhero, which Violet, my protagonist, gets kicked out of a high school for teens with superpowers only to develop her powers while getting a 24-hour flu at regular civilian high school.

I’m putting Supernova Entropy on hold right now, because I think it would be in poor taste to publish a collection of short stories, as I’ve never published anything anywhere in my life. Most people are looking for a debut author’s first novel, not a short story collection. That is what’s going to sell.

Plus, Violet Harris is going to be an awesome heroine worthy of Marvel Studios. Think Big Hero 6 and Frozen meets X-Men.

pict0102 pict0101In the meantime, my tree looks pretty.

Happy Holidays,

The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- One of my favorite Christmas tunes by a very Celtic band


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