Sweet 2016

It’s less than two hours before Christmas Day and I’m listening to some old John Mayer albums from college and beyond. Continuum and Born and Raised are two of my big favorites. I love the blues in “Something Like Olivia” and “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” tells me a different ending every time, for I never know about the phone call from Tokyo to Walt’s wife. (It’s also got a fantastic trumpet intro by Chris Botti, who’s good friends with John Mayer.)

And “I’m Gonna Find Another You” is such a good blues/ jazz standard that rocks. This is why Taylor Swift is on my hate list, if you catch my drift. She never writes something as lovely or poetic as her exes. (All she does is turn her boyfriends into songs and make money off of them, like a prostitute.)

Getting back to Christmas, I have no idea what I’m getting under my tree except clothes. To be honest, I doubt I’m getting anything on my list except a new red dress to wear on New Year’s and some underthings. I have no clue what my parents have planned and I think it might be all just gag gifts because that’s all we can afford right now.

Not even the Disney movies I want can be found at Five Below, because Disney thinks it’s good to make their movies overpriced, making families pay an absurd amount of money to make their children happy.

I just think that’s a crap way of making money. My dad got a hold of Big Hero 6, Ant Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy from the Red Box machine for five bucks each… and they’re all in my library. So where is my copy of Tangled and Little Mermaid, huh???

As for movies like Age of Ultron and Captain America: Winter Soldier, ditto.

But my boyfriend did get me a Dalek that rolls Yahtzee dice! It’s a limited edition from Doctor Who and Yahtzee. I’m surprised he got a hold of that instead of a sonic screwdriver, like I asked Santa for last year. My boyfriend is amazing.

And Christmas for me came a little early yesterday because I got an email from one of my Twitter followers while I was out with said boyfriend. I checked my email this morning and found a new message in my inbox from the editors at Write and Author, a website for writers by writers. The website is relatively new, since I’ve noticed that they’ve had two interviews with authors so far and they’re still looking for some more authors and writers out there that want to promote their books online.

That said, I opened the message and here’s what it said: I received your email and would definitely like you to be on the website. I will send you an email soon with questions for your interview. Thanks and Happy Holidays

So far, I am really excited about this. I don’t know whether to do my happy dance that I’m going to be featured in an interview or cry that I’m just going to get my name out there by writing about authors! (Well, actually, I’ve done my happy dance in the living room while blasting “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses.)

Already, I’m loving this. No matter what happens, I am this much closer to getting my name out there to publishers. I don’t want to self publish because it requires too much work and too much money that I don’t have, since I can barely scrub two dollars together to pay for an editor. Then again, I am a little of a grammar Nazi with punctuation fever.

It’s 11:30 my time. Half hour until Christmas. Windows Media Player just started playing “Stop This Train” on my playlist. It’s about time I stop writing this blog, get off the Internet, and start putting on my pajamas and take some Latuda before bed.

I can’t wait to open my eyes to hear the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack playing downstairs…

It’s been a very good year for me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah,

The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- Two songs as a message to the next president, Donald Scrump: Resign now before you do any damage to my gorgeous country.


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