Triple threat Christmas

On top of all things holiday season, I forgot to bring my flash drives for writing this morning.

I should make it a habit to take my flash drives out of my computer and bring them with me. It’s obscene when I don’t have them on me. Then I start writing in my spiral notebook because I’m without my computer or any piece of external hardware to write in, which believe me, kind of looks foolish.

Everyone’s using tablets now, even the library cafe cashier. The cash register is literally an iPad. It makes me sick.

But I did get to chapter eight of my first superhero teen novel. I feel perplexed that it may or may not be coming along as I intended. This is only a second draft in the making, for the first draft I wrote when I was in college in 2007 pretty much sucked.

But that’s what first drafts are for. First drafts are always failures. And to quote Disney’s Meet the Robinsons, “From failing, you learn. From success, not so much.”

It also gets me thinking that time is so short. Carrie Fisher died at age 60 this holiday season, and so did her mother, Debbie Reynolds, star of Singing in the Rain and cameo in the Nia Vardalos romance with queens, Connie and Carla. This weekend, I just saw Rogue One, and after watching it, I felt so depressed that everyone had to die.

And it made me feel sad that I’m not going to see Princess Leia after the next Star Wars movie next year.

Even my parents are sad about it because they’ve been watching the very first three Star Wars movies since Carrie Fisher’s death. I’m also thinking of re-watching Connie and Carla to see Nia Vardalos dressed in drag and singing “Mame” with Debbie Reynolds. And ok, yes, I did watch a little of New Hope and Empire with mom and dad, no shame in that.

Oh, and I sort of miss George Michael. Did Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, die too this year along with Harper Lee?

This is not fair.

On the bright side, I did get some Christmas presents that I could definitely use while I’m still here. I hope that by 2058, I don’t get swallowed into space like the Robinson family in Lost in Space. Or I don’t get killed by rogue manufactured people in 2019, like Blade Runner.

pict0129Among my presents, my mom went to the craft store and got me an entire metal case of pens. 52 brilliantly colored gel pens, to be exact.

pict0127And on top of that, I now have two new dresses, one of them to wear on New Year’s, new gloves, a pretty crochet capelet, and all three Captain America films on DVD, including Civil War. I also got an “immersion” blender for my protein drinks, which the blender blends inside your glass, but it’s practically impossible to use because the blender may just as well spray your drink all over you.

I think the best gifts that came out of this Christmas were the stuff I got for mom. I made two more pairs of crochet fingerless gloves and I bought her the prettiest hypoallergenic pair of angel earrings for her.

And my dad got a Kindle Fire for himself. WTF????!!!!!!!! I could use that!!! There are books I want to read on that thing!!!

Simply not fair.

pict0132But amidst the wrapping of presents and taking care of some boxes, sometime before Christmas Eve, my mom found a box under the living room table that no one checked. We looked inside and there they were: The star snowflake topper and the tree skirt for our Christmas tree. In the words of Nick Fury: About damn time.

My tree looks very beautiful now. It’s a shame that it now has to go away next week or however long my parents decide to leave the Christmas stuff out. We usually keep the lights going until New Year’s, which is coming up this weekend. Then dad turns off the Christmas lights for good until we take the whole tree down, sometime in January or February when we have time.

Well, I’ve got to get back to my novel. I wish everyone a very wonderful and happy new year. I promised myself I’d finish my first novel by New Year’s Day, 2017, but the novel itself looks far from done right now. At least I’m as far as chapter eight, and there are 15 chapters.

If I make it to chapter nine or ten by this Saturday, it’s going to be a shock. I hope I finish my second draft of Super Frost by the end of January. If I can.

Happy New Year,

The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- some funny holiday music from the greatest a capella group ever (Pentatonix, eat your heart out)


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