In the middle of something…

It’s actually kind of hard to write a blog post when your characters are surrounding you and bickering over what you should write about.

Violet and her friends are talking my ear off. Especially now that I’ve decided that Super Frost needs a sequel.

Oh, did I mention that too soon?

I figured if Super Frost does well when I’m done writing it, Violet will get a second book out of it. That is, only if Marvel Comics and the Cinematic Universe gives me their blessing to write in my ideas for the Avengers.

Super Frost is what I like to call a story of the “Young Avengers”, going to high school and learning to defend humanity. There is also a Young Avengers Program, or YAP, where the graduates of their high school go on to work under the real Avengers in upstate New York. And that’s when the teenagers get to work, for two years into college studies or whatever they decide to do after high school.

In my sequel, Violet is at a party with her friends, even though all she wanted was a quiet night with her boyfriend (but I’m not saying whom she’s dating- spoilers). And while the guys are sort of making a mess in her boyfriend’s house and doing stupid kid things, Violet has a crazy vision: that Steve Rogers’s girlfriend and special agent Sharon is brutally wounded and carrying Captain America’s shield. And then Violet’s finger turns into a popsicle that won’t thaw and feels very brittle.

Violet eventually realizes that her powers have been doing so well that her heart is freezing into ice. If she doesn’t do something about it, she could die.

Meanwhile, there’s a brilliant new enemy from outer space, who’s making the Avengers disappear one by one.

Intriguing, yes? I got the idea while my dad placed the movie Iron Man 2 on repeat so he could fall asleep one night. In the words of Whiplash, “Tony, before you go… Palladium in chest… painful way to die…”

Maybe I could get Peter David on this, since he used to work for Marvel on the She Hulk comics.

But never mind, back to my first novel. You’ve got to write the first book before you go publish the sequel, so you get to understand it. I guess it’s because last night I was watching my new copy of Age of Ultron and falling in love with Captain America all over again.

This is one of my favorite parts-
Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson): Nice, right? Pulled her out of mothballs with a couple of old friends. She’s dusty, but she’ll do.
Captain America (Chris Evans): Fury, you son of a bitch.
Fury: Ooh, you kiss your mother with that mouth?

You’d get the joke if you saw the beginning. Captain America tells Iron Man, “Language!” when Iron Man curses while flying into a force-field.

Anyway, I guess it’s back to writing for me, when I get off this blog and write about some real characters. Not.

Shut up, Vi, let me write you. Hold still.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- some music from my hometown of Baltimore

And more music from them, from the collaboration album Punk Goes Crunk- (an awesome take on Rhianna)


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