Dreams make the best stories

As it is Martin Luther King Day again, I’m going to go on a little bit about dreams.

Every now and then, I start having the strangest dreams, and some of them become great stories. When I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, a couple days later I had the most vivid dream about Alice losing a sword duel to her fiance. Then I wrote the most amazing short story about it, “Alice and the Gentleman”.

Well, not long ago, I had a dream about Violet. I dreamt that she was worried about the Avengers disappearing and she went to go talk to Tony Stark, who had just retired from his job as Iron Man. She told him about the whole ordeal, with her boyfriend and her friends in the room, and he says, “She made it personal,” pointing his finger at the evil alien temptress, who stole Violet’s favorite Avengers, Captain America and Doctor Strange.

Then as Violet was hatching a plan to rescue them, I woke up. It’s a good idea to run with for my sequel, but it’s not useful for my first installment. I need to focus on the first novel before I can publish the sequel, if the publisher will let me do a sequel. And if Marvel Comics will give me some rights to write a sequel.

But I hardly think that’s going to be a reality. Right now, I’m just writing silly things at the moment. Maybe I’m just a dreaming the whole thing and it won’t happen for me.

Sometimes my brain can be distracting. Every morning, a song is playing in my head for no apparent reason. It just shows up without my permission, and I have to turn on one of my playlists or play with one of my movies until I have an idea with where I want to go with my story.

Sometimes silence is not always good for me. I can’t work with the music on because radios play horrible noise and not enough music and the music I listen to is too good that it’s also just as distracting. But I also can’t work in silence because something is always bothering my brain.

There are times when I’m downstairs writing and all of a sudden, I hear my cell phone ringing. But when I go back upstairs to answer my phone, I realize that no one had called me at all and it wasn’t ringing to begin with.

Is it me? Am I going a little schizophrenic? Is it my mental illness? Or is it because of the lack of noise?

At this point, I’ve got to stop myself from dreaming and do some doing. No one can get anything done by wishing. Martin Luther King did a lot of things in his short lifetime. And he accomplished so much with his incredible speeches to get African Americans to have equality with everyone in this country.

He did. So I need to return in kind and do something. A lot of writers everywhere have been telling me the same thing. Don’t just dream; do.

I just hope the next President doesn’t make things miserable after his Inauguration on Friday. I smell a riot coming on in Washington, because I know there will be protests in the streets all over the city. I don’t want to join the protesters as much as I want to, because I don’t want to get hit with tear gas and I don’t want any physical harm by getting arrested.

I’m a proud U.S. citizen with no criminal record and I want to keep it that way.

As much as I love my country, I’m not going to watch Donald Scrump get sworn in to office. I don’t want to hear his awful speech and I don’t want to hear anything else happening down there. It’ll screw with my good creative writing juices. So with that in mind, back to writing.

I’ll miss you, Barrack Obama. You were a damn wonderful president and Martin Luther King would have been so proud if he were alive today.

But at least with my writing, I will say that my dreams can make really good stories.

“Free at last…”


The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- I liked this song when I first heard it in the movie She’s the Man and later in an iPhone commercial. I want to get the song, but the MP3 version is not available on Amazon and there’s only one copy of Supernature left in stock online. Looks like I’ll have to get a trip to Record and Tape Traders in Towson to pick it up with a copy of Kings of Leon’s Mechanical Bull.

But this song is really chic, with a hint of the 1970s and Kylie Minogue. And by the way, this is Violet’s favorite song. This is the song I chose for the Super Frost theme.

“Switch me on…”


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