Still unfinished…

It’s been a week since the Scrump took office in D.C., January is winding down, colder weather is coming in February next week, and I still haven’t finished chapter eight of my novel, Super Frost.

I thought I was doing so well, but I guess it’s going to take longer than I thought. I’m thinking that I should be finished my novel, or at least on to the next few chapters, by the next Farpoint convention, which is coming up on Valentine’s Day weekend. Coincidentally, Farpoint ends around the same day as the new Hussman Center program begins at Towson University on February 20th.

I don’t know which days I’ll be making regular trips up to Towson, but I hope I can fit it into my schedule with my therapist and my job coach. Right now, I need to find three job leads and give them to my job coach by Thursday, which is getting really close because I haven’t been faithful in job hunting in a while and I need to print out these leads either at the library on Sunday or the day before I go in on Thursday.

My schedule is starting to look tighter and tighter. Especially with Farpoint coming up.

And the good news about the upcoming month is, I’m actually excited about what’s to come in February. I haven’t been excited about it in a long time.

I’m probably more excited about next month because I now have a boyfriend who loves me back this year. Every Valentine’s Day, I’ve been miserable because my former boyfriends couldn’t make it to celebrate the holiday, or I’ve been terribly single. And two years ago on the exact same day, I was completely depressed because not only was I losing my boyfriend, but I was losing a beloved pet. It’s been almost two years since D’Artagnon died, my baby man who was supposed to be my valentine that year, and I don’t want to be as miserable as I have been in the last two years.

Anthony plans to make me smile this year and knock me out of that depressing funk.

I also just got an email from his workplace, the historic Belvedere Hotel in Mount Vernon, that they’re having a very classy cocktail attire Valentine’s event on the 11th and the 14th, of course. They’re having a romantic four course meal in one of the ballrooms, followed by a ballroom dance and cocktail hour upstairs on the 13th floor, which has a gorgeous panoramic view of Baltimore City. There will also be a live band on the 13th floor to go with the dancing, just like they do at Friday Night Swing.

I’m thinking I want to go. If it wasn’t $79 a plate.

Either way, I want to do something special for Valentine’s because I want to get my head out of the gutter when the cold weather starts coming in and I think about the five year old puppy I lost to kidney failure. Plus all the sheer misery I had while I was in Office Tech at Workforce Technology Center last year around the same time. I don’t want to think about it at all.

At my support group, someone told me to plan something fun in February so I can forget all of the above miserable things I think about during that month. I already have Farpoint going for me, but that’s something I usually do every year without question. This has to be something out of the ordinary, something I’d love to do.

Right now, I’m working out the whole thing with Anthony. I hope he’ll go for it.

So for now that it’s still January, and we’ve actually had some unusually pleasant spring weather all month, I’m hoping that an arctic blast doesn’t rip through my town next month and we get an early spring. I don’t want any more winter weather and I want it to be April already.

Two more months until Camp NaNoWriMo. Three more weeks until Farpoint 2017.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


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