Update: Still unfinished

Hey, everyone…

Earlier today, I posted a blog update saying that I wasn’t finished chapter eight of Super Frost yet.

Well, let me retract that statement. I just finished chapter eight today. I have now started on chapter nine, which I am proud to say is all mapped out, just like the rest of my novel, saved to a Libre Office/ Word file and a Scrivener file.

So maybe I’ll finish this novel quicker than I imagined. Right after finishing my last blog post, I wrote the last bit of chapter eight, even though I’m not really great at battle scenes. I think my readers will get a kick out of it, though, for my heroine fights her man in battle class, even though she doesn’t want to fight him in the first place.

While my parents are doing another week long marathon of movies, this time with Harry Potter, I think I’d better continue writing chapter nine, which will quite possibly be a little longer than the last chapter. There are one or maybe two more scenes I’d like to add to it to build more of a plot.

To be honest, I think I’m a really slow writer. That sucks.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


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