Here comes February

My mom took extra time over the past few weeks to take the ornaments off our Christmas tree. Dad’s already taken the tinsel and the lights off the tree and now our tree is bare, ready to be dismantled piece by piece and placed into boxes. That means January is almost over and the dismal month of February is on its way.

Or maybe, February won’t be so dismal, because I have special plans with my boyfriend next month, and I’m well on my way to finishing my first novel.

I have already finished chapter eight of Super Frost, where Violet goes through a battle scene with her enemy, Jeremy Russel, until at the end, they form a truce and save the dummy “civilian” together. And I was talking with my boyfriend during intermission at a Vagabond Theatre play in Fells Point, where we both got the idea to go to the Belvedere Hotel for Valentine’s.

It’s a four course meal in one of the big ballrooms on the first floor of the Belvedere, followed by a late night of dancing and cocktails on the 13th floor, which has a panoramic view of Baltimore City. There will be a live band, chandeliers, and a classy romantic atmosphere for all couples. I will post pictures for my next Monday Blogs post sometime before Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure it will get me out of the dumps that month. Like I said, I never really went out that much with any of my boyfriends for Valentine’s Day. Two years ago was the most miserable time because I lost a pet and a boyfriend in one lousy month. It’s about time to shake off that upcoming depression and share some affection with someone I love.

Then there’s also Farpoint, which comes the weekend after the cocktail attire affair, and then I start my spring classes at the Hussman Center in Towson. Hopefully, I can fit those programs into my schedule so I can also continue to see my therapist and my job coach in the coming weeks. Like I said before, this next month is going to be pretty crazy.

That’s why I want to finish my first novel before the Hussman Center program starts. I hope I have enough time to get all of this in order.

I also hope I can get to A.C. Moore to get some new frames that will give me enough points on my Rewards card to get that $10 gift card before the start of the new month. Every year, unused points go back to zero at the start of the month that you enroll in their program. It sucks because points should never expire- what about people who can’t afford to buy $200 worth of stuff from the craft store every year? Can’t you give them a gift certificate just for stopping in and being faithful customers?

No, stores are always about making money. That’s one of the reasons why I hate Barnes and Noble for having a membership program- You have to pay $25 just to sign up and get discounts off purchases all year round, and you have to constantly pay a fee every year so you can buy new books, CDs, and movies at lower prices. There’s only one place I trust for giving me low prices on movies: Red Box, the machine that lets you rent movies for a dollar a day, or buy the movie for only five bucks.

As for books and copies of Writer’s Digest, I rent them from the library… FOR FREE!

This is why Barnes and Noble is too expensive in terms of getting what I want for a low price. I also like it when people give me gift cards to Barnes and Noble and birthday presents of books, music, and movies once a year. I prefer the library and getting things for free on special occasions than paying an obscene amount of money.

Ok, I’m done ranting about how places like Barnes and Noble and A.C. Moore have horrendous membership programs that make you pay an outrageous amount of money to stay in their program.

But I will say, the only perk about being a member of A.C. Moore Rewards is that they have free crochet patterns online that you can save to your Rewards account and look at them anytime. That’s awesome, because I love crochet and I need an excuse to use that sonic screwdriver H hook my boyfriend got me for Christmas.

At least the weather has been mostly pleasant all month. I just hope it doesn’t stop through February, because I can’t stand ice rain and I’m not happy about having cabin fever when there’s a blizzard.

I really need a job.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


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