Phantasies and Pharyngitis… again

I feel like whenever I see a movie that was inspired by one of J.K. Rowling’s novels, my senses and vision are heightened when I’m asleep.

In fact, after the movie I saw at the discount theatre on Super Bowl Sunday, I think I’m going to have dreams of lightning bolt scars, magical wands, that gorgeous speakeasy, and catching Grindelwald the evil wizard Dumbledore defeated in 1945.

You know I’ve been watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yesterday. Marvelous film. I love the quirkiness of Eddie Redmayne with his magic creatures in his suitcase, and the muggle who bumps into him and joins him for a wild ride.

By the way, it was J.K. Rowling who wrote the script, not Steve Kloves. Beautiful job, Joanne! I think I love you even more. Probably the best line she wrote was, “My philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice.” (Newt Scamander)

But when I saw this movie, I was still sick. I’ve been sick since last Wednesday, although the pain really started the week before when I was at my boyfriend’s. It started when I saw a really awful, sad episode of My Name Is Earl and when I started crying over it for no good reason, the pressure in my nose flooded and I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

The next morning, I got a headache and I kept getting headaches throughout the week. It wasn’t until Tuesday or Wednesday when I started sneezing and getting the sniffles to go along with my red, swollen throat. The doctor I saw tried to make me laugh, but I couldn’t smile at that because he said, “So, are you here for the operation?”

I’m sure he wasn’t being personal or serious. He was just messing with me, saying, “So if you’re not feeling better in 5-7 days, come back and see us for the operation, I mean a follow up.”

So far, I’ve been abusing nasal spray and Claritin to get rid of this, and drinking chicken soup and plenty of tea and juice, and the phlegm in my throat and nose won’t go away. I may have to see the doctor again to get antibiotics. And this time, they better not prescribe me Augmentin and give me something good like Zithromax, which I’m not allergic to.

Being sick when you’re a writer is not the best thing. All I want to do is sleep and dream.

I should be better by the next weekend, I hope. That’s when I want to go to this four course Valentine’s dinner with my beau. I’m really glad I have a sweetheart this month, for I’m excited for my first Valentine’s Day in years that I get to spend it with someone I love. I got so used to spending it alone that things just got worse and worse.

Now I’m glad I have someone. Only problem is, I’m on chapter nine of my novel and it’s not going anywhere. Only two more weeks until Farpoint, which is not a lot of time.

Maybe I should spend a little less time with my lover, a little less time watching movies, and just get back to work already.

It’s starting to get distraction. But I know we all need a break from time to time.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- I first heard about this singer on the Tonight Show, and she did some pretty good impersonations of other singers with Jimmy Fallon. She does have talent and I’m surprised she’s only about 20 years old.


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