Nerd Queen rewatch: Dark Elves and Magic

lokithorThor: The Dark World (PG-13)

Elves! Aether! Crazed physics anomalies! Oh, the convergence!!!

So why is the Ninth Doctor planning on destroying the universe with a red Infinity Stone during said convergence?

Yes, believe it or not, Christopher Eccleston (my first Doctor in Doctor Who) was drawn to the role of the evil dark elf Malekith in the sequel to Thor. This time, Loki is seen as a hero more than a villain, until the scene at the end of the movie where Thor is speaking to his father Odin, only for the audience to find out that Loki disguised himself using his illusions to look like the Alfather. In the beginning, Odin first condemns Loki to the dungeons, where Loki stays there for most of the movie until Thor bails him out to carry out their plan against Malekith.


Zachary Levi, a.k.a. Chuck Bartowski from Chuck, as the hot blond warrior Fandral, ally of Thor and Lady Sif. Ruff.

And Thor’s friends Lady Sif and the three awesome warriors (Fandral’s the hottest- I love you, Zachary Levi!) are lining up to kill Loki provided that he betrays Thor.

Volstagg: If you betray him… Loki: You’ll kill me? Evidently there will be a line.

All goes well when Thor, Loki and Jane finally reach the “dark world” where they make a trade with Malekith and the Dark Elves. Malekith strikes me as the neutral evil type because he wants revenge on Odin’s people, particularly with what his father did before Odin was king of Asgard. He doesn’t care if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the universe- he doesn’t see the light of things.

Anyway, Loki makes a grand illusion that he chopped off Thor’s hand with his dagger and throws Jane at Malekith’s feet. Malekith then takes the Aether residue in her veins, saving her life but also finding out the coordinates of Earth, and Thor magically grows a new hand (well, with Loki’s magic, it was really concealed) and uses his hammer to destroy the Aether itself. Unfortunately, it was all too easy, because the shards of the Aether regroup and start flooding through Malekith’s veins as he goes off to destroy the universe.

Also, one of Malekith’s henchmen kills Loki when he stabs him through his back by skewering the god of mischief through his torso with the same weapon. Thor is devastated as Loki dies in his arms…

Or is Loki really dead?

When you see an Asgardian guard appear on the dark world, you see a faint green glow around him, which means that his appearance is an illusion. Loki is a master of illusions and deceptions. So how did he really fake his own death?

This question, I’m hoping, will be answered in the next movie, Ragnarok, which will be released in November of this year.

Now, why go through all this trouble with this ridiculous plan? Why would Thor consider it and why would Loki say yes to it? While he’s locked away in the dungeon, Loki creates an illusion of his mother Frigga talking to him and festers with his emotions of being the adopted one and his craving to rule the universe, his rage over Thor. But you find out that Frigga had the most love for him, even though she wasn’t really his mother, and Loki regrets having done his crimes for he had lost her trust.

When the prisoner serving Malekith breaks out of his cell and starts fighting off the guards, Loki tells him, “You might want to take the stairs to the left,” in his hopes to get back at Thor. But what he doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that the monster helps Malekith escape after killing Frigga, and that’s what makes Loki lose it completely- he throws a bit of a temper tantrum.

loki-prisonAnd that’s where you feel sorry for him. Right at the moment Thor comes to him and says, “No more illusions,” Loki reveals the state of his cell, all the furniture turned over and broken, and himself barefoot and completely disheveled, looking like he hadn’t slept in days since Frigga’s death. He was pissed.

So when Tom Hiddleston says his favorite line in the movie, “Trust my rage,” he really means it. The screenwriters probably should have kept the line that preceded it, “If you did, you would be the fool I always took you for,” because it would have made more sense in that conversation he has with Thor in the scene where they’re alone with Jane on the hovercraft. Thor didn’t trust Loki because of all the things he did in New Mexico, Jotunheim, Germany and New York, and Loki said that in order to defeat the evil elves Thor had to trust his rage to stick to the plan.

Ok, maybe Loki can’t be seen as just a titular villain. He does have some qualities of a hero. I just can’t see him with his own singular movie about him without his big brother Thor.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Loki is kind of attractive in a way. Handsome, yes, brave, absolutely. Sexy? Jury’s still out deciding a verdict.

But damn, Tom Hiddleston is a marvelous actor. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in other movies. Can’t wait until November 2017.

-The Nerd Queen


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