When March comes marching in

It’s the weekly Monday post and tomorrow is Mardi Gras, so I can’t help but think how wonderful this month has been.

It might as well have been the best month ever other than the blunders and sad things that happened in the last two years. It was just as my support group predicted: instead of making it the worst month of the year, make it the best month. And well, it worked.

In my Nerd Queen Journal post, I had an awesome time at Farpoint, including a night I can’t forget with my boyfriend at masquerade. Watching all those amazing and funny costumes was a highlight, along with a performance by the Boogie Knights. And even further back, my boyfriend was nothing but awesome and romantic throughout the previous weekend all the way up through the day after Valentine’s Day.

We had an incredible night out at the Belvedere Hotel with a romantic four course dinner in the James Edgar Howard Ballroom, followed by dancing to live music on the 13th floor. Then on Valentine’s Day when I wrote in my blog again, my boyfriend sent me the most beautiful flowers to my doorstep, and came by to see me with a Ring Pop.

The next day when I saw my therapist was the anniversary of when my five year old puppy D’Artagnon died of kidney failure, and I felt the world crashing on me when the office receptionist told me they changed my appointment to an hour earlier, making me miss the appointment, and they didn’t tell me. I was outraged when they told me I missed my appointment and they tried to call me, but I heard no messages from them. Thankfully, since it was a Wednesday and my boyfriend had the day off, I called him to come pick me up and he took care of everything.

He got me to the Hussman Center to turn in some very important forms and stayed with me at his place to watch Futurama. And we did have our official Valentine’s Day dinner and dessert at Cheesecake Factory, which was well worth all that chocolate cheesecake. He was also trying to get me into watching My Name is Earl again, even though just watching the beginning of the third season made me depressed because for a good chunk of the season, Earl was stuck in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

I’m still pretty sure that when Earl gets out of jail, he won’t get his job back, he’ll lose his apartment, and he’ll never get a girlfriend. I’m sure about that.

My boyfriend couldn’t help himself but spend his money on me all month. Right now, we both have to take it easy on his funds because he needs to save up for his own place. Also his birthday is coming. Did I mention Anthony was born in the nick of time the day right before St. Patrick’s Day?

He has a lucky birthday and I have a Christmas in July. Hard to forget both birthdays, for Anthony’s middle name is Patrick, after the holiday he was almost born on. What makes this really special this year is he’ll be turning 30 this year. Even he doesn’t believe he’s going to be no longer in his 20s while I have another year and a half to go before I’m 30.

I kept saying to myself that I would get published before the age of 30, but that age looks like it’s coming too fast and it might be even longer until I get my first novel published. I’m still on chapter nine of Super Frost, and I just came up with an idea for another sequel. This time, a certain demigod is playing with Violet’s brain, playing with her reality and her judgment. All she has to do to stop him is wake up and warn her friends that he’s coming to kill everyone, but only if she can defeat the wickedness of her alter ego that Loki created.

Also, Violet and her sweet boyfriend from the first novel break up in the beginning of the third book. It’s going to be hard to write, but that is something I’d like to work on in the future.

But right now, I’m at the part where Jeremy, the guy who used to hate her, just asked Violet to come with him to a concert, and she’s about to be interrupted by Tom Larkin, the guy she has a crush on. Violet goes on a date with Tom later that week and eventually goes to a party with him where she gets her first kiss. But something sinister is going on with some of the other students in her freshman class, and the evil plans point to one of the two boys she’s torn by in a love triangle.

I’m thinking I could do something more with that scene, if I could. I just need to focus.

And with March coming this way soon, I have more amazing things to look forward to. I just hope I can survive the classes at the Hussman Center for 10 weeks. I’m too old for these kids.

And dammit, Loki, quit playing with my feelings for you… I need to write!

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- more music from the Baltimore guys who brought you “Dear Maria, Count Me In”


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