The Mardi Gras post

I thought it would be good to post something the day before the Mardi Gras with March starting tomorrow. But I feel like before I write my next Nerd Queen post about Avengers (I know, I went directly to Dark World without watching the first Marvel Joss Whedon movie first, I’m a bad girl), I should write a little bit about what’s happening now and what’s going on in my head.

I looked at my Twitter profile and found that I have just reached 2,000 tweets. My Twitter followers stands at more than 190 followers, close to the big 200. That’s a lot of people following me already and I’m doing great with my Twitter posts. It’s more attention than my professional Facebook gets.

Sorry, Loki, you still don't look sexy enough for me. Wait, what are you looking at me like that for? Stop it! (from The Dark World)

Sorry, Loki, you still don’t look sexy enough for me. Wait, what are you looking at me like that for? Stop it! (from The Dark World)

After watching Avengers today, I don’t want to admit that I like Tom Hiddleston. He’s a great actor, yes, but I honestly don’t have any feelings for him as all those fangirls do for his role as the villain. I’ve also been stalling on the first Super Frost book because now I want to write the third installment, where Loki is the villain to Violet and her friends, and he kidnaps Violet in her sleep and starts brainwashing her for his own benefit.

But don’t worry, it all ends well. Violet and Jeremy break up, but Jeremy eventually gets her back because he’s certain that they only broke up because Loki was controlling her.


Courtesy of Google Images.

I’ve also been having some guilty thoughts. For those of you who don’t know already, since it’s the Mardi Gras post, I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans for different reasons. I’ve never eaten a beignet, there’s a “rock and bowl” place that has live music with a dance floor and a bowling alley, which is awesome, and there’s Jackson Square where people put up their beautiful works of art for sale. But most of all, I want to see a live jazz band either playing at a cafe or playing in the streets.

Louis Armstrong, “Dippermouth” among many of his nicknames, was one of my favorite pioneers of jazz music, and he was born and raised in New Orleans until King Oliver gave him his big break to play the best Creole style jazz music in his band. That was when everything changed for the music industry, for jazz was becoming an art form. Probably my favorite jazz song is the one I’m posting at the bottom of this post for the Playlist Selection, for Clifford Brown is my favorite trumpet player.

I mentioned in a previous post that Tom Hiddleston plays six instruments according to IMDB. Did I mention that one of those six is my Kryptonite? Hiddleston plays trumpet, and I’m feeling a little guilty for finding that out because that makes me like him even more.

The trumpet is my Kryptonite. I tried learning how to play it in elementary school in fifth grade, but we only learned to play it for a week or so. I never knew if I was any good at it because I wasn’t allowed to take one home, and when we moved on to the next instrument, I forgot how to play it. I was in concert band for two years, where my instrument of choice was flute when I was at the respective ages of 10 and 11, and though I was much better at it, sadly I never kept the flute and I forgot where to put my fingers.

The only instrument I still play is guitar. Though I will admit I’m a little rusty. I still remember where to put my fingers to play the song “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s. I don’t know the guitar chords, but I know the tab.

Even though I don’t remember how to play, I do appreciate trumpet players a lot. It is my favorite jazz instrument. My boyfriend can’t play trumpet either because he doesn’t have the lips for it. He played tuba in his high school band, which is the one thing I didn’t like about him at first.

But I love him anyway. Even though he teases me about how I didn’t find the tuba to be an attractive instrument.

So, for my Mardi Gras, I didn’t do much celebrating. I had a microwave frozen dinner a couple hours ago and I had a little ice cream after taking out the dog. The weather in Maryland right now is kind of dreary for this holiday, because it’s been raining most of the time.

To me, Mardi Gras is just another Tuesday. But I would like to see how people celebrate it in the Gulf Coast, as most of every day feels like Mardi Gras, without the crowds. Maybe one day in the spring or summer, when the streets are not too crowded and the weather is perfect, I would love to spend a week in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In fact, I would love to spend my 30th birthday there in style. Similar to that of Neil Gaiman’s 50th birthday celebration, but without the surprise wedding.

Happy Fat Tuesday,

The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- The best Brownie song ever


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