“They’re a rotten crowd…”

I'll bet he's reading Gatsby in preparation for his next role... or maybe it's his favorite book by Tolstoy.

I’ll bet he’s reading Gatsby in preparation for his next role… or maybe it’s his favorite book by Tolstoy.

I’m coming to the point where I’m at the end of denial and on my way to acceptance as a Hiddleston fan.

I’m still denying the fact that he’s attractive and sweet. I refuse to believe it.

Today, I was thinking of his role as my favorite dead American author F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris. In his entire career, that was one of his best performances. War Horse was another, but I barely remembered his role in that movie.

And just yesterday, I picked up a library copy of Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories, reading the first one in the collection, “The Offshore Pirate”. I read the entire thing straight through, falling in love with the Roaring Twenties again, and loving Carlyle the former musician and pirate traveling the seas with six African American musicians and a woman they’ve taken off the hands of her nagging uncle. Carlyle reminded me of Gatsby in a way that Fitzgerald did in that same movie.


The author of Gatsby himself, Scott Fitzgerald, performed by Tom Hiddleston, 2011.

No, Hiddleston reminded me of how amazing Gatsby was, for he really stole the show. Get it right, Rachel.

No, that’s still not right. What is wrong with my head? Why do I want to pull out that movie again and start re reading The Great Gatsby? More importantly, why am I attracted to a British actor who is taller than me, seven years my senior, far out of my league, and plays a famous comic book villain???

Really, what is the point?!?!?!?!?! I’m already dating the sweetest guy on the planet, who is turning 30 the day before St. Patrick’s, so why do I have to fantasize over a guy I can’t have anyway? And why is he attracting more girls than the 11th Doctor Matt Smith and the 10th Doctor David Tennant combined?

I just don’t get it.

My sweet, amazing lover is doing his best to lose weight, and he is handsome when he puts on a suit. So I don’t get why I’m attracted to this particular Hollywood/ West End actor and why I’m fantasizing over him. He’s probably dating someone else or married to someone else anyway, after he dumped that awful wenchy pop singer I can’t stand. (Good riddance, Raccoon Face Taylor Shift!)

Once you get past Loki, and you see him in other things, he’s actually kind of sweet…

"I'm going to find Zelda. I don't like the thought of her with that Spaniard." (She'll drive you crazy, Tom. Come get me. Oh shut up, no! What am I saying?)

“I’m going to find Zelda. I don’t like the thought of her with that Spaniard.” (She’ll drive you crazy, Tom. Come get me. Oh shut up, no! What am I saying?)

So I’m taking breaks from my writing to read a little. “The Offshore Pirate” is everything in a typical Jazz Age romance, which I love. If you loved Great Gatsby, you’d love Fitzgerald’s short stories. But I guess I’d agree with his friend Ernest Hemingway in the movie (and Fitzgerald’s biography) that he should have gotten a divorce from Zelda and focused more on writing instead of drinking himself blind.

What a wonderful black and white shot of him I found on Google. (Sigh.)

What a wonderful black and white shot of him I found on Google. (Sigh.)

“She’ll drive you crazy, this woman,” Hemingway said in the Woody Allen movie. He was right, because Zelda went crazy and spent the rest of her life in a mental hospital, and Fitzgerald continued to drink until he too checked into a hospital, then died of a heart attack while writing his final book Love of the Last Tycoon in 1940.

Yes, I looked him up on Wikipedia. He was a tortured soul, that “poor son of a bitch”. This is also kind of the reason why I want to read Gatsby again. I haven’t read that book since 11th grade in high school.

And ok, Hiddleston is kind of a Mayer, only cuter. In the words of Nick Carraway, “They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

Why I can’t wait until I publish my Disney Princess story and turn it into a screenplay. He would be a very cute Eric to my Princess Ariel.

Or not.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- something from the Jazz Age

And one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and it was playing in my head today…


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