The Saint Patrick’s post

It’s hard to forget my boyfriend’s birthday, but it is so easy to forget my camera to bring to the Owl Bar and take pictures of his surprised face when his mother planned a big party for him.

Yesterday, my lover just turned 30 years old. It’s now the Irish holiday of clovers and drunk leprechauns, which means his workplace will be busy with bar hoppers wearing green and getting drunk on green beers and drops of Jameson.

I already had my liquor fill yesterday at the surprise party my boyfriend’s mother planned for her son’s big 3-0. In fact, I was a little relieved that someone already paid for my glass of hard cider that I ordered from the bar. And I love hard ciders and ales, like Angry Orchard, Redd’s, and Killian’s Lager. A glass of ginger ale mixed with a shot of Jameson Irish whiskey is good too, but you know I’m not a big drinker.

The key to staying sober and not going overboard with drinking is to sip it slow and have your drink with dinner. And no shots.

In fact, I found out on my 21st birthday that I couldn’t drink a shot. At Friday night karaoke, the night before my birthday, my parents decided to take me to our usual spot for karaoke at a bar to celebrate turning 21 at midnight. After midnight, people started buying me drinks, specifically shots. The first one I couldn’t drink because it tasted horrible, like watered down cough syrup. The second shot someone bought me was “chocolate cake” flavored, because you shot it just like tequila, only instead of licking salt, you downed it and licked sugar.

The sugar mixed with the hazelnut liqueur made it taste like dark chocolate or chocolate fudge. But unfortunately, it had a bad effect on me. After drinking the whole shot, I felt this horrible pain in my belly that lasted throughout the morning of my birthday, all the way up to the evening where I celebrated my birthday dinner at Red Robin. I should have taken some aspirin for it, even though I wasn’t hungover.

That said, I’m not really allowed to get drunk. When I talked to my doctor two and a half years ago about taking the medicine I needed for my mental condition, she said it’s ok to have only one drink of alcohol with food, but no more than one. Though technically, the label on my medication says, “Do not drink alcohol while taking this medicine,” I know how to cheat and get away with just one drink of ale, cider, or a cocktail. But on special occasions, I never have more than one drink, that’s my limit.

Plus, my boyfriend is usually the one driving, so he’s my designated driver. I’m safe about these things. Also, he doesn’t like to drink that much either.

Therefore, I’m not going out to bars for this Irish holiday. Actually, since my dad has to work late and my mom has to go to support group tonight, I probably won’t be doing anything today except taking the dog out and wearing my green Irish shirt that says ‘Irish girls have all the luck’.

A couple days ago, my dad brought home a store bought loaf of Irish soda bread, which actually tastes more like a sweet raisin cake than bread. I’ve realized that Irish food is pretty delicious, much more than the beers and whiskeys they make in Ireland. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland someday.

I’m a redhead, so logically, my family’s Irish. It’s in my blood.

But sadly, I’m most likely not going to have a traditional Irish dinner with my family until the weekend, since both of my parents have to come home late tonight. Dad’s thinking about making some corned beef or shepherd’s pie for dinner on Sunday night, but we don’t know for sure that he’ll have the time to make it. Both dishes take 30 minutes to nearly an hour to make. It’s time consuming.

The good news is, it’s only a couple more weeks until Camp NaNoWriMo starts again for April and spring comes this Monday. I can’t wait for the warmer weather. I will be happy to start writing a new project and promote my first novel to publishers when I get the chance. Right now, cabins haven’t been assigned yet, but I have my word count goal of 10,000 for now. I think I can win Camp April again this year like I always do.

Well, my dahhlin readers, don’t drink too much this Saint Paddy’s and stay warm. Enjoy yourselves.

Maybe by the end of April, I’ll have a complete novel.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


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