Race to 2,000 words… with pirates

Camp NaNo April has already started. And miraculously, I’ve already written more than a thousand words.

And I dressed like a steampunk pirate wench while doing it!

Ok, maybe I changed out of my outfit when I got home to write, but I did finish a few things. Lucky me, I finally got to chapter 10 of Super Frost last night, writing more than 600 words, totaling 1,500 in one weekend. I’m already ahead of schedule to finish writing in 30 days. I might even finish with writing about 20 or 30,000 words this month, rather than my initial goal of 15,000.

The first day of Camp was also the first day of the Fells Point pirate fest, or Privateer Day, as it’s known. It was also the first weekend of the Inner Harbor Lights Festival, with all the artists putting up thousands of lights all over Baltimore, so traffic was extra busy, especially on Sunday. When we got down to the docks on Fells Point, it was extra windy and we almost got lost because we didn’t know where they were holding the festival this year.

I was really upset because the wind was messing up my hair and the tiny purple hat with black feathers I got from Farpoint wasn’t helping. Also, since two years ago, the Pirate Fest kept moving around the area. Thankfully, we finally found the tents where the vendors sold their leather, pirate hats, food, and outfits.

I went over to one tent, looking at all the nice piratey things for sale, including a gorgeous gold rose. Then my boyfriend pulled out a lovely burgundy hat with purple feathers and a peacock feather sticking out. My eyes went wide and I almost shouted, “I love that!”

The woman at the vendor was really nice and said that she wanted to give us a good deal on it. She made the feather pin herself and both the feathers and the hat were originally sold separate. You could wear the feathers in your hair as a decorative headpiece for a ball, or you could just wear the hat for everyday wear without the feathers. But she wanted to sell us the feathers and throw in the hat for free, so we could have the best of both worlds.

So Anthony bought me a pretty steampunk worthy hat. I ended up putting it on immediately when we bought it, protecting my hair and also keeping my head warm. We managed to catch the pirates performing a little show, and I managed to snap a few pictures of the festival.

I snapped this picture, just as a gunshot was going off, which almost made me shake the camera. But it came out perfect anyway.

And then Anthony and I managed to head into the Waterfront pub to grab some drinks and dinner with these pirates:

I highly recommend going into the Waterfront and Slainte pubs in Fells Point, for the waitresses are really nice and the food is excellent. Waterfront does an excellent mac and cheese, especially if you get it with crab meat, and Slainte is an Irish pub that has awesome corned beef and their salad is amazing, particularly with a delicious blackberry vinaigrette. I also say “Slainte” when I clink my glass to toast, which is much cooler than saying cheers. I love being a redhead with Irish ancestors.

And on my first day of the pirate fest, I got myself a real drink of Irish whiskey with ginger ale to celebrate the first day of the festival and the first day of the NaNo month. The second day when I came back, I went a little easy on myself since I had a nagging headache that lasted almost all day, taking some aspirin with a strawberry mango slushie. I was also hoping my best friend and her boyfriend would come and have some fun with us that weekend, but Kerensa had been feeling terrible all weekend, so she couldn’t make it.

Anthony and I couldn’t stay long on Sunday anyway because he had a Wrestlemania party to go to that night. I also needed some time to catch up on my writing. I managed to write about 800 words before and after going to the fest, and Sunday, I decided it would be a good idea to do some word sprints before bed.

I didn’t write much of my novel last night, but it was enough to get me through the tough chapter nine and onto the next chapter. I’m wading myself through the middle of my book, and it’s going pretty well. I can’t wait until it’s done!

And when it is finished, I’m sending a message through Twitter to Wisdom House Books, hoping they’ll put me in the right direction to the right publisher. I would love it if Marvel would say yes to publishing the story so I can write sequels to it, with the Avengers in mind. I have big plans for Violet Harris.

I also already have a beta reader who wants to read the whole thing in full before I send it out! She’s on the NaNoWriMo website, which is how we met, and when it’s done by the end of April, I’m sending it to her. I’m sure she’ll love it and she’ll have some suggestions.

Now, I’ve got to get back to writing. 13,000 more words, at least.

Arrrrrr, mateys.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


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