12,000 in 10 days…

It is the 10th day of Camp NaNoWriMo in April, and though I don’t believe it completely, I’ve reached the halfway mark with my word count goal. I’ve recently pushed up my goal to 23,000 words, and I’m now at 12,000 words total. I don’t even know how I did it.

Safe to say I’ve been writing like a mad woman.

I didn’t even include my last blog post as a way to keep writing one project and stay focused on it. I’m not going to include this blog post either when I publish this for Monday Blogs today. I’ve been on a good streak and I’m not going to lose it.

Using my time wisely, I got off my ass and finished chapters nine and ten, rather quickly. As Scarlet Witch said in Captain America Civil War, it was about time I got off my ass. I’m now at the end of chapter eleven, where Violet just got home from Fiona Dangerous’s all night party, and her parents are mad that she just broke curfew and went to a party. Violet came home sober, for she didn’t do anything illegal at the party, but her parents are still pretty angry that they are going to ground her for a week or two, making her miss the September Ball.

It’s all about description and dialogue. That said, I’m not going to publish too many blog posts this month, as I will be keeping myself occupied with writing my novel. I’m going to be pretty busy for the next two or three weeks until this novel is done, I hope. I better be done with Super Frost by April 30th.

I’m even considering pushing my word count goal to 25,000 words right now, because I’m writing so much. Maybe 30K. Nope, I’m not going to push it because I don’t want to set my goal too high, higher than I can handle in 30 days. 30 days can also be a long time, though.

I’ve also had a pretty restless weekend because of all the writing I’ve been doing. My boyfriend has been giving me several new ideas for my novel, as he is a comic book and Marvel/ DC Cinematic Universe expert. So I’ve been throwing in all kinds of new scenes and new things to my novel. That’s pretty much the reason why I’ve been writing nonstop, reaching 12,000 additional words to the book.

There is now an intense action prologue to Super Frost. And there are some Marvel references to each scene, where Violet is in combat training, getting punched in the face, and later she almost gets turned down from the school because she failed and she has no powers at the moment. She says, “Give me another chance,” just like Steve Rogers at the beginning of the first Captain America film.

Maybe I need to find a way to slow down, but I don’t know.

10,000 words to go. Better make it count.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- the theme song from NBC’s “Chuck” starring Fandral’s Zachary Levi, also a song for Violet’s soundtrack


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