Mon amour

Mother’s Day weekend was very much filled with love… for Europe.

I can imagine your reaction: “Whaaaaaaa?”

I’ve just gotten a hold of Sherlock season four and I’ve already seen the first two episodes on that disc. I’m fascinated by how the entire season is going to end now that all I have to do in the final episode, “The Final Problem” is tie up some loose ends concerning Sherlock and Mycroft’s other sibling… a sister named Eurus. Eurus means East Wind, as in the last line Watson says at the end of “His Last Vow”, “He’d better wrap up warm… there’s an East Wind coming…”

To be honest, I didn’t like how the “Six Thatchers” episode ended with Mary Watson’s death. I was not happy about that ending and I demanded a resolution where John Watson and Sherlock made up for the final time. But it did have that cliffhanger ending to it, going right into the next episode “The Lying Detective”.

And even though I don’t want to admit it, “The Lying Detective” was a fun one that I secretly loved. We finally get to see the entire message that Mary sent to Sherlock before she died, and John Watson doesn’t realize what he has to do until the exact moment, catching a serial killer in the act of attempted murder on his best friend. And I also loved that they used an actor from a former Doctor Who episode “Amy’s Choice” and the first two Captain America movies, the Dream Lord and Arnim Zola, respectively, Toby Jones as the celebrity who Sherlock assumed was a murderer.

Toby Jones is actually pretty good playing villains and villainous characters! Wow!

But probably the best parts of that episode were Mrs. Hudson forcing Sherlock into her car trunk and driving like a maniac in her expensive sports car. Even better was near the end of the episode where John Watson makes a deduction:

“Happy birthday.”

Sherlock: Thank you, John, that’s very kind of you.

Watson: Never knew when your birthday was.

Sherlock: Well, now you do.

There’s even a mention of cake! I could almost hear GlaDOS going, “Never give up until you run out of cake!” Damn Portal games. Kerensa, you silly person you.

And I’m glad that The Woman Irene Adler is still alive and still texting Sherlock. As soon as I heard his phone make that moaning noise, I smiled. I knew she’d still be texting him. I can imagine what she wrote: “Happy birthday, Sherlock. Let’s have dinner.”

Oh you British genius writers Gatiss and Moffat, how I love thee.

I’ve also been able to see something a part of European culture that has gone on for many decades, the Eurovision music contest. In case you don’t know what that is, Eurovision is a contest where a musician or group from every country gets together to perform a song in their competition. Every year, each musician performs their song on stage during the finals, held in the country of last year’s winner, and everyone in Europe who’s watching at home gets to vote.

I didn’t get to vote on Eurovision because I’m American and I was watching this at my boyfriend’s house. But it was a really cool event watching this competition, as I had never heard of it until Anthony and I started dating. He has music from the previous finalists of the show from past years on his iPod.

But I did get to tweet about it on Twitter. My favorite performances were Croatia, Portugal, Austria and Australia. I felt sorry for Spain because they got the very least amount of points, ending up in last place at the finals, and the lead singer’s voice started breaking at the bridge of his song. He was a little pitchy there, even though I kind of liked the laid back song that resembled reggae a little, like the band Magic.

But I was really happy that night because the country that won this year’s Eurovision was Portugal. The singer was singing in his native language, so I had no English translation of the song, but the way he performed it was so lovely and so emotional. He even looked like he knew how to play violin and piano with the way he presented the song on stage. I was captivated.

And when he went up on stage to accept his trophy, he said that “music is feeling”. I completely agree with that; the American music industry should take a tip from him. Stop feeding the masses with awful pop and dubstep music that no one cares about and start getting a hold of real people who can sing and have talent in showing emotion through their songs! (And this is why I love Sara Bareilles more than Lin Manuel Miranda. She’s a perfect example of this.)

So Saturday night was a great night, watching these amazing people from other countries perform their songs, and later watching a hit series from the United Kingdom. Though I will say, the singers from Belarus and United Kingdom were awesome performers on Eurovision.

I’ll let you know the next time I get to the library and post another tale of Lady in the Blue Box and The Nerd Queen. It may be a while because I have no internet at home and Balticon is coming.

Let’s hope everything goes well.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

PS- I did celebrate Mother’s Day by playing the “Mom” song by Meghan Trainor and having breakfast with my mom. My mom is the best mom ever.

Playlist selection- Portugal’s award winning performance


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