When Balticon rolls in

A lot has happened in the past week.

It was cold enough to make me shiver in my bedroom. Then it was way too hot that I woke up sweating. Then it started raining, and now it’s cool and comfortable, with a lot of clouds everywhere the past few days.

Maryland has crazy weather for spring. It’s official. If you don’t like the weather in Baltimore, wait five minutes.

This weekend, I went to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast, and I was surprised to say that I liked it better than the live action Cinderella. Alan Menken did a great job with the music, especially with adding a few new songs, including a solo song for the Beast. And of course, kudos to Emma Watson for being a gorgeous Belle. I must say that gown she wore in the dance scene might have been my least favorite color yellow, but the design of it was very pretty.

I finished Sherlock season four last week as well. What an ending. I also assumed that Moffat and Gatiss read one of the Sherlock books I’m currently reading, Sherlock in Love, which involves Sherlock Holmes finding a Stradivarius, a mint, well made and rare violin that he’s always wanted to own.

I also noticed that in the beginning of the last episode, there is a scene one of my friends would hate- Sherlock spooks his brother Mycroft with a boy dressed as a little girl running around, and a clown with a sword. My friend hates clowns.

“There’s an east wind coming, Mycroft… Coming to get you…” Yeeesh.

But I think the most amazing parts were in the second episode. Just in the title of it- “The Lying Detective” is actually the story of “The Dying Detective” in the book His Last Bow, where Sherlock is dying from the massive amounts of drugs he’s been using, and he’s been thwarted into a final case of arresting Culverton Smith in being a murderer. The episode itself is the exact same story, only Culverton is a serial killer disguised as a celebrity and a TV personality.

The only thing is, the episode takes place weeks after Mary Watson’s death where John Watson is completely distraught and refuses to speak to Sherlock, blaming him for Mary’s passing. So Sherlock has a plan: he has to lie to Dr. Watson and put himself in deadly danger so Watson can come in and save him, thus “saving” Watson as Mary told Sherlock to do before she died.

What is also really incredible is one of my favorite scenes in the show: Imagine poor Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, standing on the stairs while you hear clattering of glass, pots and pans, and Wiggins is running for his life, saying, “He’s lost it! He’s TOTALLY GONE!”

And then Benedict Cumberbatch, our brave detective, is running around his flat back and forth, shouting lines of Shakespeare with a gun in his hand:

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!
Or close up the wall with our English dead!
Set the teeth and spread the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit to his full height!
On! On, you noblest English whose fet from fathers from war proof!
And you, good yeoman, whose limbs were made in England,
Show us here the mettle of your pasture!
I doubt not, for there is none of you here so mean and base
That hath not noble luster in your eyes!
I see you standing like greyhounds in the slips straining upon the start!”

(Sherlock points his gun at the wall, fires the gun several times, Mrs. Hudson freaks out and shuts the door)

“The game’s afoot.”

I looked up the entire speech Cumberbatch gave online- everything he says is taken from one of the historical Shakespeare plays, Henry V. Even the famous Holmes quote “The game’s afoot” is from the exact same play. (Thank you, Doyle.) And not only that, the very last line of the speech was used in the Guy Ritchie movie with Robert Downey Jr. playing the role of the detective-

“Follow your spirit and upon this charge, cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George.”

But quite honestly, I can’t wait for Balticon 51. I am very saddened that our guest of honor this year won’t be here in Baltimore, and it makes me more upset that he will be giving his speech via video conference (or Skype, whatever) and no one will be getting any autographs from him. This was announced about three weeks ago, which kind of makes me mad. The BSFS should have chosen someone else to be the main guest if they couldn’t get him, to be fair.

But either way, I’m still going to have fun at this convention regardless. There is the annual masquerade, the steampunk “Dancing in the Gears” dance, a possible Regency Era style dance, and plenty of other activities at the con, not just the dealers’ room. Should be fun.

Good thing I’m also doing a lot of reading this year. I’m reading a handful of books, it’s insane.

And this year, I am going to make sure I go to the tech crew party this year. I missed it last year because I was certain of going home, thinking that my parents worked Memorial Day. Then again, I had no idea my parents had that day off. My mistake.

2017 is my year. I plan to make it fun. A bientot!

-The Nerd Queen


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