The Nerd Queen Journal: Balticon!

It’s another edition of The Nerd Queen!

That means I’m going to be very busy this weekend that I don’t know if I’ll be able to check my email and Facebook over the next four or five days. Memorial Day Monday when I get back, the public libraries are closed. Then Tuesday is my dad’s late day at work, so that also means I won’t be able to walk to the library to get any internet access. Which also means, I won’t be back online for almost a week.

That’s the only thing that sucks about going to a convention.

But other than that, I expect to have fun. There will be a couple period dances, including the “Dancing in the Gears” with a steampunk theme, and hopefully the style of the Regency Era, a la Pride and Prejudice. Saturday is also the big masquerade and Sunday night is when the techies get together and party.

I don’t care what anyone else says about being a Balticon techie volunteer that it’s a lot of work. It’s fun!

I’ve been a techie pretty much all my life because my dad got me into it. When my dad retired from being a performer with the Boogie Knights, he signed up for Conventional Magic with George and the other techies running the con at Shore Leave and Farpoint. Now, they’ve done some stuff for Balticon many years ago, but now that Marty Gear is gone, they have a different staff now.

There is a Facebook group that all the Balticon techies have joined after our dear friend Marty Gear passed, and we named it Order of Igor in his honor. I still remember the time I sat behind the sound board for when Marty was made master of ceremonies that night, firing our friend Dave from the position, as well as the Masquerade Ninjas, and our sound person. I had to sit behind the sound board, mind you I was about seven years old and wearing a pink and white sweater my mom crocheted for me, and say into the mic, “Ready, Mr. Shark!”

If you knew Marty Gear then, or you were a new member of the Balticon techies, you were given an invitation to this group. It’s a secret group for the techies of this convention only, so not anyone can join.

Even though I usually spend time with my boyfriend on weekends, I’m going to be spending my time at the con. After all, he has to work and he doesn’t have the time or the money to participate in unloading trucks, setting up the main events, and participating in the convention. I’m going to miss him for five long days, but I’m hoping that I can make up for it by going to trivia with him on Monday night.

Well, I’d better get on that train before the afternoon, for it’s going to be pretty busy in unloading everything and setting up the stage in the main ballroom.

Later, dahhlins!

-The Nerd Queen

Playlist selection- some awesome pin up music, Scottish style


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