The Nerd Queen Journal: Igor’s triumph

The Balticon Diaries, continued from Memorial Day weekend, 2017

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve updated my blog as the Nerd Queen, mainly because a personal crisis came up and was dealt with in the past couple of weeks. The night of the tech party at Balticon, that Sunday night, I learned that my boyfriend’s grandfather had passed on after years of battling dementia. Though I have never met my boyfriend’s granddad, I heard a lot of good things about him at his memorial service.

I even got to see some old photographs of his grandfather from as early as the Great Depression and WWII. Apparently, the guy was a World War vet who served our country in France following D-Day. Several months from now, he would have been 98 years old.

There were other problems that happened with the two of us in the past few weeks that made me want to crochet again as well. I can’t disclose anything in this blog about what happened, but I will tell you it was stressful for both of us. Right now, I’ve come up with a design for a deep navy blue scarf that is almost an exact replica of Benedict Cumberbatch’s scarf worn in the Sherlock episode “The Empty Hearse”, the scene where he’s talking to Anderson about how he survived the fall.

The scarf is coming along well in the past three days that I’ve been working on it, however, I think I’m running out of string and I need to get some more at JoAnn Fabrics, Michael’s, or A.C. Moore. I’m hoping one of those three has the exact same shade of “dark country blue” Caron yarn for a low price.

Anyway, getting back to the convention. Days 1&2 of the con- pretty hectic and eventful. The first day at the hotel was the Thursday afternoon/ evening setup where the trucks came and everyone was loading stuff into the ballroom. The techies got done in record time, for we were ahead of schedule by 10:30 at night. So I went to bed a little early and got all the sleep I needed.

The second day was of course, the first day of all the programs, so we got done the rest of our things pretty quickly. I was glad I didn’t need to climb the scaffolds and the scary ladder leading to the spotlight in the back of the ballroom as I did the night before. (I worried that I was going to fall.) But the great thing about that Friday of the convention was, I got all my hours in by the opening ceremonies.

Here’s the deal with working tech as a volunteer: If you help with the trucks on the load in day Thursday, your hours are doubled. If you work a total of 10 hours at least, you get a free “Berserker” t shirt. If you work a total of 20 hours or more, you get a free badge and free admission to next year’s Balticon.

If only all the conventions I work tech at do this, maybe even Comic Con or Awesome Con, which I’ve never been to. I wish I could go, but that costs a lot of money for admission as well as travel and hotels. Those are exceptionally big conventions.

But Balticon is a lot of fun.

Sadly, I’ve heard a lot of sad things being canceled for that weekend. The Guest of Honor had to cancel his appearance because he had just started treatment for cancer. At the opening ceremonies, the techies had a great deal of time trying to get Skype working, but we got it working and everyone was able to see Eric Flint make his statement from home as the Guest of Honor, though he couldn’t make it.

Also, the steampunk and Regency dances had to be canceled as well, which made me really upset that weekend. Not only were there so many programs that interfered with the dances, the woman holding those dances was in Russia at the time. So there was really not a lot of dancing at this con. 😦

But in the end, I did make the most of it for the next couple days of the convention. Though I wanted to help with masquerade, I ended up sitting in the reserved volunteer seating because apparently I wasn’t wearing enough black to be a stagehand. I was miffed, but I soon got over it when I saw the costumes and the sketches some people did.

Part two of this post will come up momentarily!


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