The Nerd Queen Journal: Igor’s triumph part 2

I’m sorry for not updating my Balticon post two days ago. As you know, I don’t have internet at home and I’m relying on the library to use the internet, so the day I was writing the second half of this post, my mother came in to take me home so I had to leave to get dinner. I didn’t have enough time at the library to update my blog and tell you everything about Balticon as quickly as I hoped.

And now, the Nerd Queen Journal will continue uninterrupted.

The Balticon Diaries, part two of this Memorial Day weekend, 2017

In a sense, I mostly got all of the work during the first two days spent downtown at the hotel, and then the rest of the weekend was playtime and a little bit of relaxation.

I got to see what the soundboard was like during the opening ceremonies and I also got to help a lot with building the stage for the most part. The food, on the other hand, wasn’t always completely to my liking, but there were ways in which I got used to the mealtimes and finding other forms of edibles. Good thing there was a Noodles & Company across the street by the Harborplace.

Saturday was eventful, as there were lots of awards to give to the costumers and there was a lot to learn. I didn’t know the first thing about corsets, so I went to a panel about wearing one and finding a suitable corset to wear to a period dance.

There were also a few women wearing lovely corsets in all different designs, including a steampunk Wonder Woman:

And there was a fairy godmother from Cinderella, who was also wearing a corset underneath her blue cape:

All of the costumes and sketches were wonderful at Saturday’s masquerade. I got to see one of Kerensa’s and my friends from Towson, the one who does all the Disney Princess costumes, as he got to dress as Princess Aurora and dance around with the “green light” before collapsing as the Sleeping Beauty:

My favorite entry was called “The Sweet Sixteens”, where you got to see four women dressed in the attire of the last few centuries: There was 1716 with the first colonists, 1816 of the Regency Era of Jane Austen’s time, 1916- the suffragists wanting women’s rights, and finally, the disaster girl from 2016, waving a Cubs flag from when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and wearing a black slipper and a Pikachu slipper. 

Master of Ceremonies: “Uh, 2016, I think you should go. You’re going all over 2017.”


There was a Totoro costume entry where a little girl paraded around Totoro at a bus stop, and they won a Workmanship award. And as for the Best in Show award… There was a “Duel of the Fates” battle between Princess Aurora and Melaficent, if you know what I mean.

I guess the princess is well trained in the ways of the Force.

Over the course of the weekend, I took a lot of photos of people in costume:

I even got to wear my steampunk outfit regardless of having no steampunk ball or dance all weekend. After all, there was a party I was going to on Sunday night.

It was also the final year our tech director Eric of the Balticon techies was staying our technical director after eight long years of working with us. So at the tech party, he stood in front of all of us and made a final toast to us and for our dear friend Marty Gear.

It was a lot of fun that weekend, however hectic it was when I had to worry about getting dinner or helping the sound guys with something. But I did manage to go to every tech meeting and help the crew in any way I could. I just couldn’t stay at the tech party that long because the party was running until very late- 3 a.m.- and I really couldn’t physically stay up that long just until the party was over so I could go to bed.

Also, my boyfriend had heard the news that he’d lost his grandfather, so he couldn’t stay anyway, let alone let me stay the night at his place, which I was hoping for. It was a pretty rough time for both of us, with that event coming at the worst possible time.

We still managed to have just a little bit of fun at the party and I did get a couple things from the convention, including some tips on screenwriting from one panel and tips on helping my short story from another workshop. I’m hoping to send my short story to BSFS for their annual writing contest, which the deadline is coming up in less than a week. I hope I can win it and get my work published in their magazine, for I think it’s good enough as a story on its own.

Until the next time at the next Balticon, I hope I will be recognized as a full time writer by then and I hope that I will be at least one of those writers at the convention signing books and answering questions about my work and my advice to other young writers. I do have some writer friends who go to these conventions and I long to sit with them and be one of the guest speakers at a panel or event.

I hope to get there soon.

-The Nerd Queen


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