Brotherly compassion… or rivalry? Part two

Ready for more deductions of the Holmes brothers? Here’s my take on season two-

4- Scandal in Belgravia (season two), Buckingham Palace scene: This is one of my favorite scenes in this episode, because 1, Benedict Cumberbatch is naked underneath his bed sheet, and 2, the scene was shot on a set that looked almost exactly like the interior of Her Majesty the Queen’s palace. The way this season of Sherlock was set up was that at the beginning, Sherlock and Watson have risen to fame, and now their faces are all over the newspapers. Probably why the two of them are found giggling in a large sitting room of the palace with Mycroft and one of the Royal Family’s associates working for them.

In this scene, Sherlock and Watson are laughing because the detective isn’t wearing any pants in the palace, before they immediately stop laughing when Mycroft comes in with Sherlock’s clothes in hand. Mycroft and the gentleman working for the Royal Family tell Sherlock a little about his new client, whom wishes to remain anonymous, and Sherlock tells them to leave him alone because he’d rather not take the case unless he knows who his client is.

That’s where Mycroft steps on Sherlock’s bed sheet, making Sherlock almost lose it and go completely nude, and he says, “This is a matter of national importance, grow up!”

Sherlock: “Get off my sheet!”

Mycroft: “Or what?”

Sherlock: “Or I’ll just walk away.”

Mycroft: “I’ll let you.”

This is not only brotherly banter, this is also kind of parental in a way. Mycroft is being more of the big brother, trying to get his little brother Sherlock to come to his senses. In the end, he tells Sherlock to take in his surroundings and make a deduction of who his client is so he can put his clothes on and listen to their case.

My deduction of this client is this: Irene Adler “The Woman” had a sexual relation with a duchess or woman of nobility in relation to the Queen, and Adler has the inappropriate porn pictures of this powerful woman in the Royal Family. I wouldn’t be surprised too much if it was William’s wife, Princess Kate.

5- also from Scandal in Belgravia, 221 B apartment scene: Mycroft tells Sherlock to stay away from Irene Adler for a while as the British Intelligence has taken over the matter. It’s also the moment where Mycroft has just gotten off the phone about the 747 flight to Baltimore, flight number 007, saying, “Bond air is go, it’s decided. Check with the Coventry lot.”

Just before Mycroft leaves, Sherlock says, “Do give her my love.” And he mocks him by playing the British national anthem on violin, “God Save the Queen”, before the scene cuts away to Baker Street at Christmastime where Sherlock is playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on violin.

(According to the DVD commentary, Benedict Cumberbatch said he learned to play both songs on violin in preparation for the scenes. He really is playing the violin in 221 B Baker Street.)

6- Scandal in Belgravia again, the morgue scene: “All lives end, all hearts are broken.” This is a very somber scene that somewhat talks about the meaning of life. In this scene, it’s Christmas when Molly Hooper shows Sherlock and Mycroft the “body” of Irene Adler, only much later in the episode we find that The Woman is still very much alive. But before we find that out, Mycroft follows Sherlock into the hallway of the morgue and hands him a cigarette.

This scene is where Sherlock and Mycroft are just talking as family members. As Sherlock is smoking, they both observe a crying family outside the doors, being told by a doctor that someone they loved had just died. Sherlock then asks his brother if they’re a little bit not human for not feeling the way they do. To that statement, Mycroft says, “All lives end, all hearts are broken.” Probably one of my favorite lines of the show.

I know there isn’t a lot of season two here because we don’t see much of Mycroft in this season, particularly when Sherlock confronts Moriarty, but you’ll get to see a lot more in season three. I’ll update more on season three in part three of this series!


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