Good News…

I know it’s really late to post this, but I have to tell you, my dear readers, some very good news.

Last weekend, I had a really great time, despite my complaining of the weather and the personal conditions and bad memories I dealt with. About two months ago in 2009, I went to see my very first rock show at Merriweather Pavilion in Columbia, for one of my favorite bands from my hometown Baltimore, All Time Low, and my favorite band of all time Fall Out Boy were the big headliners there, two days before FOB lead singer Patrick Stump’s birthday. I was very excited for it because FOB just released their latest album Folie a Deux, which was one of the most beautiful records I had ever listened to, and I was ready to ditch All American Rejects at Tigerfest at my school Towson University to go meet my favorite rock bands in the flesh.

Unfortunately, I never met Patrick Stump or Alex of ATL as I hoped. When I arrived, there was a huge line of fangirls waiting to go in the pavilion, the pavilion filled up almost too fast, and there were so many people stuck out on the lawn that there wasn’t a lot of room to breathe. Apparently, the Merriweather staff oversold their tickets to the point where there was too much overcrowding in the lawn and the security guards had to keep pushing people away from the pavilion to head back to the lawn seating.

I even ran into one girl in the bathroom, and she told me she was disabled and she had asthma, so the staff should have let her sit closer to the stage. But as soon as she left the pavilion area to get a drink of water, the Merriweather security staff would not let her back into the cooler area, and they forced her out onto the lawn. It was the end of April, close to May, and the weather then was absolutely horrible with the heat, humidity, and air quality, so I could tell by how she was sweating and completely worn out that she needed some help to stay out of the sun.

I almost lost my voice from screaming the night I saw my favorite band, but that was the last time I’ve ever been to Merriweather because of the poor conditions the staff treated me and other people with. Since then, I’ve always been a big fan of the Recher Theatre for their location and their many artists, local and famous, that came to the stage. But since the Recher was destroyed and replaced with the heinous nightclub Torrent, I’ve always said that rock music was a dying art and no one wants to listen to good music anymore.

Until last weekend.

I didn’t tell you this, but my sweet, awesome boyfriend did something kind of amazing a couple months ago. He managed to go on Groupon from his phone and got us two tickets to a sold out show at Pier Six in Baltimore City on the harbor. Main acts: Third Eye Blind and Silversun Pickups.

I love 90s music. And because of my best friend Kerensa, I love Silversun Pickups. There was no question, I had to go see this.

To be honest, I had no idea both of those bands were still around making music. It was Third Eye Blind’s Summer Gods tour, celebrating their 20th anniversary of their first record, featuring those awesome songs like “Losing a Whole Year” and “Semi Charmed Life”. I have a copy of the whole album on CD at home. So does my boyfriend and so does Kerensa.

The day we went to see the show was Father’s Day, so I was a little bit upset for leaving my dad behind instead of going out to a nice dinner to celebrate with my dad. But the show gave me an excuse to get out of the house and let my parents have some alone time. After all, 31 years ago on Father’s Day Sunday, my parents got married, so it was a good thing to let them celebrate their wedding anniversary just the two of them.

Besides, earlier that morning, my parents and I went to see Cars 3, so that was a decent Father’s Day present.

Music was already playing when we got back from buying a couple of lawn chairs from Marshall’s, since once again, we were being seated on the lawn of the pavilion. It would have been nice to sit in the shaded theatre of the place, for I had gotten some pretty bad sunburn on my arms the day before, from being outside all day at a festival in Parkville. But I still complained that it was hot, humid, windy, and all kinds of uncomfortable where I couldn’t use my umbrella for shade.

But as soon as we got there, I couldn’t believe that we were kind of late for the concert, for the first band had just started. It wasn’t Silversun Pickups, but it was a relatively new band that just started. They played a new song they wrote that was their first single (see playlist selection below), and I recognized it almost immediately. I fell in love with them then and there.

When Silversun Pickups came on, I fell in love with them all over again. Every song was better than the last, including their hit single “Panic Switch”, the song Kerensa got me into. Even my boyfriend got into them, even though he wasn’t a fan of their first single. He found out that their live performance of “Lazy Eye” is actually much better than their recording.

And then when the sun came down, Third Eye Blind opened with “Summer Gods”, their newest single. The singer started the song with just voice and guitar when the curtain dropped and we saw a huge decked out stage with a tall platform for the drummer and a big flashing lightbulb sign reading the band’s name. After about three or four songs, the singer came up to the mic and said, “It’s amazing that our first album is 20 years old right now. So we’re going to play the entire album for you, from side A to side B.”

The crowd screamed for joy and the band jumped into “Losing a Whole Year”, the first song on the first album. Just standing from the lawn, I could still make out the stage during the first half of the record they played. My boyfriend even gave me a piggy back ride so I could see more of the stage over those tall people.

Everyone sang the words to “Jumper”, “Semi Charmed Life”, and “Graduate”, including me. Everybody knew when to shout, “Into another nightmare!” and “Not listening when you say… Goodbye!” I could even hear the crowd singing the guitar solo parts of some of the songs. And despite my air condition/ viral infection cold I was just getting over, my boyfriend and I could smell something close to someone smoking weed. (?!?!?!?)

And the best part of the night was when I talked to a guy standing next to us who gave me a one arm hug and said something close to, “I feel your pain,” because I told him I felt that there was barely any more good music on the radio anymore. That’s why I don’t listen to the radio that much.

That said, I now know that rock and roll won’t die yet. Not on anyone’s watch. Not with the old bands like Third Eye Blind, to the new guys Ocean Park Standoff. I’m really glad that these guys are still around.


The Lady in the Blue Box

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