Looking fine for 29

I can’t believe I’m going to be 29 years old tomorrow.

In fact, I refuse to believe it. Just yesterday, I was having a nice time at Shore Leave 39, meeting Kevin Sussman from Big Bang Theory and getting his signature. The day before, I had a nice time on the beach with my parents in Wildwood, NJ in celebration of my 28th birthday. I’ve only just turned 28 years old! I can’t be turning 30 in a year!

But at least I look good for 29 so far:

Singing: I got a haircut! I got a haircut! La la la laaaaaa…

It was about time I got my hair done, since it was getting long and out of control. Honestly, I wanted it cut back in April or May, but I guess getting it cut on the weekend before my birthday was good timing. The first time I got it cut, I noticed that perhaps the hair stylist at Great Clips cut it a little too short, since it just grazes my shoulders and I might have wanted it a little longer.

I’ll get Kerensa’s verdict when she sees me tomorrow.

I also have a brand new Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa, which dad gave me during Shore Leave this year. I decided to name her Francesca (Fran-chess-ka), named after the love interest and female philosopher in Cassanova, one of Heath Ledger’s final movies. It’s also somewhat named after our karaoke friend Fran, known as the Godmama in the karaoke dee jay business. Frannie is a lovely, firey name for a Fire.

She also has new wallpaper, courtesy of Marvel. I’m very proud of it:

Mmm, Cumberbatch in a red cape…

Additionally, now that it’s the final week of Camp NaNo, I am also proud to announce that I’ve won my very first July Camp with more than 10,000 words. I feel pretty good about my NaNo win, except I feel like I probably should have done more to the novel I was actually working on. I originally wanted to write about 12,000 this month, but I decided that I would have very limited time for writing this month, especially with my birthday and Shore Leave.

Sadly, I still haven’t heard from any of my beta readers. I haven’t heard from them in months, not since April or May, really. I’m starting to get worried.

But I’m sure things will go well. Halfway through 2017 and this has been a very good year for writing.

For most of the summer, I felt as though this year would be a crappy birthday. But now that I look back on this year and all the things I’ve done in the past, this is going to be just as good a year as last year. As much as I love being 28, and I don’t want to part with my current age, I’m hoping to leave my twenties with a bang.

My 29th year will be my Renaissance year, for it will be my year of creativity and inspiration as Europe had during the 1500s. And it will be the year before my “Supernova Sensation” year, the year I turn 30. I’m hoping I will get published by that time, but a year is pretty short.

Then again, my dad’s writer friend Bob Greenberger told me, “It’s only a number.”

I hope I just get a freaking big birthday party when I’m 30.

-The Nerd Queen

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