Here come the horses…

I’m starting to get ahead of myself with this whole pony convention. Or maybe I’m getting more relaxed about it.

My boyfriend’s birthday present to me was supposed to be a rented ballgown we could order from a website to wear for the “Galloping Gala” at Brony Con. I kept thinking, why don’t I wear one of my own dresses I usually wear for dancing? Some of them are kind of formal, albeit short in the skirt, but he wanted to get me something special.

I had to hand it to him, my man had class. But everywhere I went, I got this sneaky feeling that most bridal shops wanted you to buy the dresses, not rent them, unless you were interested in getting married. If you were looking for an evening gown, for say, the prom or homecoming dance, you had to buy the dress, and most formal stores would not let you rent anything, except a tux or a suit.

After showing him one of my dresses, a blue one with sparkly things on the skirt, he said he liked it on me and it might work for the ball. Though I’m still not a My Little Pony fan, I can’t say no to an elegant, classy dance. I haven’t been to a real formal event since the 50th anniversary gala for CCBC in 2008, which I know has been a long time, so I’m hoping this is better than the prom where my “accidental” date- the person my friends picked to come with us in the limo- was one of my worst bullies in school that I hated. My prom night was nearly ruined because of him.

It makes me wish I had a date to my senior prom. It would have made the ride in the limo more romantic and less awkward. The only thing the bully said to me the entire night was, “Sorry I didn’t get you a corsage, Rachel.” I despised him.

On a lighter note, I’ve narrowed it down to not one, but two dresses I could go dancing in. There’s the blue one I mentioned, and a deep purple one with a sparkly pin on it. He’s thinking with either dress, I could go as a pony named Princess Luna, or maybe Rarity or another pony whose main (mane) color is purple.

Of course, we’d have to find a pin to put on my skirt to represent a “cutie mark”.

Now I kind of feel a little embarrassed for writing that sentence. But just so you know, I’m doing this for him. I’m not obsessed with ponies as he is, but I know how important it is for him. He’s my boyfriend and lover because I love him. That is the most important thing that matters to me.

And I understand that the My Little Pony culture has a lot of things to do with other fandoms (ie- Doctor Whooves, the Doctor Who version of the ponies). I also heard that there are lots of things to do that everyone can take part in, not just the Bronies. I am a Whovian and a nerd, so there is a chance I can get involved in all this and have some fun.

He additionally came up with a cute name for my badge ID so we could get our membership: Mare in the Blue Box. He named it after this blog, which I think is clever.

Is my man awesome or what? 😀

I contemplated whether or not to bring my Prisoner of Austen or my newly finished Miss Sherlock costumes, but I really don’t think that’s a good fit for this convention. Also, I’ve been stressing too much about all this, probably because I’m close to 30 and I’m still jobless. I’m constantly looking for jobs and I’ve only been on one interview in the last month. I think I was a little too harsh on someone I yelled at in the ladies’ bathroom at a restaurant last night, all because there was that horrible “Fight Song” playing on the speakers and I didn’t have my iPod on me to drown out the horrendous noise from the song.

On the bright side, I am currently putting my Kindle Fire Francesca to good use, thanks to my Amazon Free Books app that I get daily. Other than the books I got for a 30 day trial with Amazon Unlimited, and the two books I got from Audible for their 30 day free ride until I decide to discontinue their service before they charge me monthly fees, I have four books, three of them I got for free from the app. I hope they’re as good as Amazon listed them.

It is also the last day of NaNoWriMo for the month of July and meeting my word count goal was nothing. I met it at least two weeks ago, long before my birthday.

So, I do hope that they don’t play such disgusting music like Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, or worst of all, the dreaded prostitute Swift herself.

But then again, after a long talk with my mother last night, maybe I should work with The Miracle Worker who worked with Helen Keller, so that I can learn to get past the horrible noise and learn to tune it out without getting angry.

We’ll see how it goes.

-The Nerd Queen


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