Hallows Eve is here, so is NaNo

It’s my annual Halloween post, and I have to admit, I’m pretty depressed right now.

Job searching is proving to be a little more on the depressing side because I don’t think I’m qualified for most front desk jobs that I’ve been applying to. Most of them say, “You need experience working in the medical field to be a receptionist with us.” Or some jobs say, “You need a driver’s license,” when I still take the bus because I’m poor and I can’t afford to pay for driving lessons or taking the driving test.

I probably qualify for a permit, but that’s it. The last time I spoke to my DORS counselor before she dropped me and left to go work at WTC (see my other posts from 2015-2016 on Workforce Technology Center), she told me that the only people allowed to go to WTC for driving lessons is if the person wants to drive a cab, bus or a truck for a living. But what she didn’t understand was receptionists and administrative assistants for people need driving education too, and nobody wants to hire you in this damn state of Maryland unless you drive.

Here’s the thing: my parents are broke, don’t pay attention to what my parents’ tax form says, that they make too much money before income tax. That is bull. My parents cannot afford a second car, and if they give me a car, give me a license and they put me on their insurance (because MD law says you have to have insurance on your car at all times, or you go to jail), my parents might lose the house. It’s either I pay for my own car and insurance, let the bank declare foreclosure on our house and leave us homeless, or I take the bus every day to work.

I don’t have a job yet and I can’t afford to start paying credit card payments to buy myself a car. I can’t even take the driving lessons because driving school is $500, and if I take that much money out, my bank will charge me maintenance fees unless I go to a different bank, but fat chance if they’ll take me. So that said, I’m taking the bus everywhere because it’s cheaper. That’s why I’m 29 and I still don’t know how to parallel park or drive an automatic or a stick.

I know, it’s embarrassing. But that is how I have to live until I get enough money so I can get that first car, get that first license, and move out of Nottingham. But the end of the year is getting closer, and in a few months, I’ll be halfway to being 30 years old. I don’t want to be desperate, but, you know… I’m under pressure here.

So please, employers, I’m on my knees… HIRE ME!

“Will work for a new used car” “Will work for chocolate”

I’m just kidding, guys.

Hey, cheer up, idiot! It’s Halloween!

Anyway, Halloween is tomorrow, and for Monday Blogs, I’m here to post that November is just days away, and you know what that means. 30 days of WRITING vigorously.

Don’t take it as a hard thing to do. Think of it as a challenge. Try finding time to write at every spare moment that you can.

I don’t even go shopping on Black Friday. I don’t go shopping during the month of November, period. (Unless I’m shopping for some things to get for my friends on their birthdays: My one WTC friend has a birthday on Thanksgiving Thursday this year- yes her birthday is November 23, which happens to be Thanksgiving, she is getting a turkey dinner for her birthday- and my best friend Kerensa is going to be celebrating her 30th the week after Cyber Monday.) And because of those birthdays and because of the writing season, I flat out REFUSE to watch any commercials related to or go Christmas shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving! It is a pet peeve of mine that I strongly believe that Black Friday should never die and will always be the day after the first fall holiday in between Halloween and Christmas.

So with that, Black Friday has traditionally become my writing holiday. Black Friday is my writing day, where I put my word count in the black, just like how stores go “in the black” from holiday sales for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and all the winter holidays in between. I know that sometime during the weekend of Thanksgiving, I will be in the full Christmas spirit when my parents take me to Valley View Farms, a family tradition of ours. (We love to see all the Christmas tree decorations there and all the fake trees and real poinsettias Valley View Farms has for sale in December)

Find time to write anytime, anywhere you are. I managed to write 25,000 words in July during Independence Day and a convention when I thought I was going to be too busy. The only day I took a holiday for myself was my birthday, because I wanted to be work free for at least 24 hours, but I found time during the panels and the masquerade to write, and I made my word count goal in record time, right before my 29th birthday.

I just hope I make it to 50K this time this year. It’s going to be a little tough.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Happy birthday to Beth, and happy belated wishes to my awesome mom, Julie

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