In the mood for turkeys…

National Turkey Day is only three days away on Thursday. And I am on a writing splurge.

Even I can’t believe that I’ve written almost 3,000 words in one day. That’s incredible.

I must apologize for my last “ranty” post where I shouted on my soap box last week. I really didn’t mean to offend anyone from all that. I only want to offend the celebrities who went to the Grammys the past few years, the ones with no talent. My aim was also to express my opinion, not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

And that brings me to how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. For years, I couldn’t stand hearing Christmas music or seeing holiday commercials on TV or in stores, or seeing the Christmas decorations for sale the day after Halloween. I also heard on the news back in September that people have been Christmas shopping since the back to school things went on sale.

My fear about how Christmas shoppers keep coming out earlier and earlier is this: Is Christmas and the holidays going to be advertised throughout the year? Are we going to be seeing Christmas and Thanksgiving ads as early as July or Easter? Will stores keep pushing the Christmas ornaments and holly wreaths all year round, during April and in the summertime?

Pardon me, but this is getting to be some crazy shit. Holiday shopping in April or June, not waiting until December to go play Santa Claus.

This is why I still strongly believe that Christmas shopping should be held only on or after the real Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone should not go holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving, and I don’t care how early the stores open on Thanksgiving Day either. People who work on that Thursday should be home having dinner with their families instead of working on the holiday to sell all kinds of Christmas crap.

But you know something? I was at A.C. Moore yesterday, and it was only four days before the turkeys would come out when they were playing nonstop Christmas music. I kind of wanted to pull out my headphones and drown out the sounds of the holiday music, because it was too early to ear Burl Ives and Perry Como. But I didn’t do that.

It was because I heard the sweetest voice in jazz, Mr. Louis Armstrong, singing “Cool Yule”. It was probably my favorite holiday song. “From Coney Island to the Sunset Strip, somebody’s going to make a happy trip tonight/ while the moon is bright…”

I know some people may hate the sounds of Christmas music on the radio, but for me, there’s only certain kinds I’ll tolerate. I love Vince Guaraldi, the guy who wrote and arranged the music for Charlie Brown. And I really love the music the Muppets did with folk singer John Denver. We have both of those CDs in our holiday music collection at home.

So right now, I’m feeling good about the holidays coming up. Now that it’s the middle of November and Thanksgiving is this Thursday, I can’t wait until the parades come out, the Purina Dog Show comes on, and dad cooks a mean roast turkey.

I guess you could say I’m getting used to having people coming out with the holiday ads and things earlier. I remember seeing the Macy’s Black Friday ads come out as early as two weeks before Thanksgiving. Now they’re out as early as middle of October for no damn good reason. But I am getting used to the idea of showing these kinds of ads to people earlier than just bringing them out on Thanksgiving Day.

I don’t want any store to go out of business just because the Internet is booming and people would rather spend the day after the turkey holiday sitting at home and buying stuff online. But I would still like to make money from my Etsy site. I have ten listings up on there already and no one’s buying anything.

Well, let’s hope for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

I am totally craving that warm turkey. I’m also excited that my boyfriend will be spending Thanksgiving with me and my parents. It’ll be our first actual holiday together.

In the words of Adam Sandler: “I like turkey on Thanksgiving…”

-The Lady in the Blue Box

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