Sweet Charlotte Anne

I’m sorry I didn’t post this sooner- this post is dated. I wrote this on Monday the 4th, fully intending on posting this for Monday Blogs, but I was so sore the past few days that I couldn’t go to the library and post it on that day or Wednesday. I didn’t have enough time at the library and I didn’t have the strength to go back.

Again, this was written December 4, today is the 7th, which means my job interview is today. Please forgive me. Cruel SEO.

I hope you know the joke of the title of this post. Charlotte Anne. CharlotteAnne… Charlatann… Charlatan.

That’s the code for the 40 percent off coupon on the tie on bustles by C’est Chic Geek Black Label on Etsy.com. CHARLOTTEANNE.

I love playing with words and names. Like Violet Harris or her love interest Jeremy Russell. Their hero names are Super Frost and Solar Fury. They’re fire and ice, literally, with their powers. And there’s Stephanie Palmer, who changes her name to Stephanie Strange when she finds out she has powers in the Mystic Arts.

Playing with character names is one of my favorite things to do as a writer. NaNoWriMo may be over, but I’m still having a good time word crafting for a number of things.

Even though I had a very bad couple of weeks, I had the best weekend ever. Thursday, I went to the library, even though something was telling me not to because I was still emotionally unstable from last Wednesday. (My therapist was called in for jury, and I got two rejection letters for jobs) When I got to the library, the roads were a little more peaceful than usual and I made it without a problem, unlike the day before Thanksgiving. (Don’t ask.)

When I checked my email, I saw a notification from Twitter from an old friend at the conventions that I talked about in The Nerd Queen Journal. He told me that if I was still on the job search, there was an opening for an administrative assistant at Diamond Comics, the world’s biggest distributor of English written comic books from Image and Dark Horse to Marvel and DC.

Diamond Comics, the place where my dad’s best friend from Glen Burnie High School, best man at my parents’ wedding, works as a fellow editor and writer. You guessed it, I pounced on this job.

I sent a cover letter and my resume to them and the response was almost immediate. “Please email your salary requirements to…” And the next day, I got a voicemail saying, “Call us to make an appointment for an interview.”

I was so excited. Yes! I was going to an interview in the afternoon for a comic book and toy company! They work with publishers and toy makers to ship them out all over the country and all the way to the United Kingdom as well, to make sure all those children and adults get their graphic novels and action figures in time for the holidays.

You have no idea how badly I want this position.

I am totally confident about talking nerdy to other distributors and people on the phone about shipments and releases of the newest Marvel comics and toys. I haven’t met a comic book I didn’t appreciate. I take pride and care of my comic books and graphic novels I still have. (I will not part with my Serenity: Better Days novel from Joss Whedon.)

And most of all, according to my resume and my references (just ask anyone who personally knows me on a personal or professional level), I am dedicated to getting the work done. I can work late on Tuesdays if time demands it, and I can make sure that all the appointments are with the right people at a convenient time. I love talking to clients on the phone and talking either nerd or business. I have a very personable voice. And I have a very strong attention to detail.

My whole family is into nerdy things, especially my dad. Even my mom is into Thor and Wonder Woman. My boyfriend has two Batman video games set in Arkham, with Mark Hamill as the Joker. Why do you think I’m the Nerd Queen according to this blog?

I am very passionate over nerdy things. Do I love being this way? I do.

So wish me luck this Thursday on my job interview. I also sent another two query letters out last week, and I hope at least one of the three queries I sent that are pending comes back with a yes.

Now, I just have to wait. As the late Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part…”


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