The untitled post

I think the job interview went pretty well.

I’ve already sent them a thank you note in an email and they said they would get back to me about the job in a week or two, sometime before Christmas. I do hope they call me and say, please start Tuesday after the holiday. It’s a 9-6 job, but I think I can manage with the work schedule and all of my appointments in the next month.

But I don’t know if the person I had the interview with liked me.

Nothing is set in stone right now. They still have time to make a decision. But you should have seen how awesome this place was. There’s figurines of dragons and other action figures under glass in the lobby, and there are four feet tall statues of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper in between them.

You know the next Star Wars movie is due to come out when…

And this weekend, it was pretty nice to see all the figurines on sale at Barnes and Noble, after I took my annual trip to Valley View Farms with my family to look at all the decorated Christmas trees and buy a new holiday ornament for our tree. My parents desperately want an all dachshund tree, I’m pretty sure, because of my dad’s love of dogs, especially our puppy Cinder and the Canadian A-list star of the internet, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund.

But the only income I’ve made is the $10 I made from selling my writing gloves on Etsy. It pretty much made up for the maintenance fee Bank of America charged me in October for a stupid rule about keeping a $1500 balance every day and never going under unless you are on direct deposit, or they charge you $12.

You have no idea how badly I want to buy myself Christmas presents, or buy some presents for my parents this year. My mother is talking about buying only one present for each person on our list this year. She didn’t want to spend more than five dollars at the craft store either. So much for making my AC Moore rewards card reach 2,000 points so I could get a $10 gift card.

And yesterday, I found out that my dad is sick, again. And this time, it’s not because my dad’s inhaler is running out. I’ve got a bad feeling that by the end of this week, dad will have to go to the doctor again and have to pay even more money for bronchitis medicine.

Basically, this year for Christmas, my dad’s present is drugs for his asthma and heart.

You have no idea how desperate I am for money. Or presents. We may not have a Christmas this year. I don’t like this at all.

Guess I’m going to have to find a way to make some money so I can pay rent to my parents, and that way, my family can have a normal life. And I’ve already paid so much money in the past to relieve some tension with the government, social security, my social life, and believe it or not my teeth. (Dental surgery, honey.)

People that have money are allowed to have a social life and a Christmas. People that have no money and no health insurance, they don’t even have the right to a good holiday with friends and family, unless you want to starve.

But I guess from the way the doctors at all of my sick and physical visits have told me that I’m 15 or 20 pounds too fat (I think I’m still at 149 pounds), maybe I should starve myself and save some money so my parents can afford presents. That’s what a lot of poor people are doing for their children. And I’m sure homeless people would say that the only present they want for Christmas is a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.

People with cancer would want to spend another year alive in full remission to see their families for Christmas. That’s the only thing they would want this year, to live longer, for more time.

People with depression, they want happiness. They don’t want to spend another Christmas alone and reaching for the booze when their families make them miserable. They want to be happy.

My mom wants everyone to be happy, including her. I want my grandmother to give me a gift card for a store or restaurant so I can have a nice dinner with my boyfriend, instead of giving me crappy thrift store things that I can’t use, like a puke green threadbare looking pashmina.

And I want to be happy too. Because I want happiness to cost nothing. And no matter where I go, happiness is expensive. Everywhere you go, to be happy you have to spend money. That’s what life is like in the Scrump Administration.

Can I please have my happiness for free? That’s what I want for Christmas.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Brought to you by C’est Chic Geek on buy a bustle and get 40 percent off, get 30 percent off $10 or more. Hurry, sale lasts until Christmas Eve.


5 thoughts on “The untitled post

  1. Hey!

    We’re not particularly close friends or anything, but it sounds like you’re hurting… and that’s always worse around Christmas. We live in a pretty good time for people who need a hand. I’ve seen dozens of successful artists thrive through Patreon, and people in a hard spot getting money from friends (for all kinds of things) through Facebook fundraisers and GoFundMe campaigns. If nothing else, all these things that you’re aching for should exist on an Amazon wishlist.

    Asking people for things is tough, and a little embarrassing. I get it. But, we’re in an age of social media where giving is easier than ever. So, if you really want this badly enough, you can make it happen!

    • Thank you, but there is no way I can ask friends for money unless I give them something else in return. That’s the way it is with all of my friends. The only person who is generous with me is my boyfriend, and even he can’t help me out financially because he works in retail and he has credit card debt. Most of my friends don’t have a lot of money, and I don’t want to come off as a whiny b–ch on GoFundMe. I really don’t know how I would go about that. My therapist says that begging for money online is not practical than selling things on Etsy. I have my own Etsy account, and I did make a sale, but I feel like no one else wants to help me by buying anything else, and it’s the holidays. People should be buying things from me and I’m not getting any web traffic for whatever reason. I think it’s because I’m poor and I have no money for advertising.
      So yeah, there’s that. Good suggestion, but I can’t do any of that. See my earlier October 2nd post where I mentioned that I will not go to a crowdfunding site. I’m really sorry.
      But do visit C’est Chic Geek on Etsy and buy something for your friends or significant other! My crochet is high quality, unique, and reasonably priced. And the Chocolate Writing Gloves contribute to a good cause- National Novel Writing Month.
      Sorry, I just sounded like a commercial just then.

      • Nothing to be sorry about! I really appreciate the sentiment of not just asking people for money (though, honestly, I don’t think anybody would look down on you or think you a b*tch).

        I do have a serious concern, though– I can’t find “C’est Chic Geek” on Etsy…. not even by typing it in the Etsy search bar. Also, your Youtube video doesn’t have the link… nor the About or Contact pages on this site. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m kinda stupid and not good at details and probably missed it, but you’d certainly get more sales if there were more direct links to *your* Etsy page. Even this article only links to the Etsy homepage.

        Just tryin’ to help. Thanks for reading!

  2. Mark- I’ve posted a new video in my next blog post that explains everything. It’s called “Reading for the writers again”. I usually post a video from YouTube embedded in my posts on WordPress, so the videos should come up on each post. Also, I hadn’t made a video of me reading my stories before this post you’ve read yet, so make sure you subscribe to my blog so you’ll get regular updates. And if you still can’t see the videos in my posts in your browser, try reloading the page or try a different browser. I use Mozilla Firefox and sometimes Google Chrome, they’re way faster and more productive. I’m also still using the old WP Admin editor on my website, because I don’t like the new editing style WordPress is currently using. I’m not savvy with the new “smartphone” style of editing and posting a blog, I’d much rather do it from a computer. I’m also dead broke, I can’t even afford a regular smartphone. I have very limited WiFi at home, for I’m allowed to only use it in emergencies, which is why I’m incredibly dependent on my boyfriend’s internet and the libraries in Maryland. And did I mention I’m still living at home and I’ve never moved out of the house? It’s because my parents are blue collar working class individuals (my dad is a car mechanic consultant at a Honda dealership, my mom is a receptionist), I’m unemployed, and I have no money to even pay for driving school. I have no driver’s license either, for I can’t afford it, and my parents don’t have the money to pay for a second car and insurance, which Maryland law requires that all cars need insurance. Yeah, my life sucks.
    But from what you’ve written in the reply, you have a very good heart and sound mind. My friends and I don’t like to do crowdfunding because we found it to be a little too much to ask, especially from people we don’t know.
    As for the Etsy site, try searching without the apostrophe (‘) in the name. Or look for one of my items: Chocolate Writing Gloves (my NaNoWriMo gloves- if I sell the next four, I’m donating $10 to National Novel Writing Month), Miss Sherlock tie on bustle for ladies, and I’ve added a brand new item today: the Black Lotus Beret, which is a black crochet beret with a flower in the middle. And all of my crochet items are affordable and practical. I hope there’s someone on your list you can buy a gift for.

    • Hey!!

      I have a lot to say about this… gonna try n’ keep it short. I don’t have much use for knitted goods (I can’t imagine what I look like in a bustle or beret, and even the most minimalistic gloves get in my way), but I still want to support your work. Please add a tip-jar of some kind if nothing else. Then, you’re not actively asking for charity, but it’s there for folks who believe in you.

      Secondly, let me know if you have questions with WordPress or mobile. I’ve got a little experience here.

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