Reading for the writers… again

Today is the day where I should be hearing back from the job I applied and interviewed for. Though as I’m writing this, I haven’t turned my phone on yet, so I have no idea if they called me or they’re still going to make their decision tomorrow or Wednesday. They said they’d get back to me sometime before December 20. And they are posting the decision for who got the job on their website.

I will be very shocked if they choose me. I hope they do, for I not only really want this job, I really need it. I need the money.

If you remember my post about two years ago or so, I did this little reading bit where I wrote a little short story called “Broken Hearted Dreamer”, which I brought to the Baltimore Writers Conference at Towson University. When I brought that story with me to that conference that November, it was still incomplete, but it was only a few more weeks to another month when that story was revised and finished. And I am very proud of it.

The thing is, I have no idea who would want to print it.

That’s the problem I’m currently having with my novel Super Frost.

So far, I’ve queried seven agents. Five of them came back with rejections. One hasn’t responded yet. And the one I was fixated on, the one I thought was going to give me a definite yes and was going to love my idea and represent me, the agency she worked for said she is no longer accepting new queries and I should resubmit to a different agent in the new year when the agency reopens January 2.

I’ve looked at a couple of other agents in that agency and quite frankly, they look to be interested in space operas, erotica, and young adult stories in Gothic, paranormal, and fantasy genres. I still refuse to write cozy or hard boiled mysteries and erotica since I believe them to be books that rot your brain, and I really hate the Twilight books. So with that, I’m convinced that the email Corvisiero Agency sent me was the sixth rejection letter I’ve gotten this year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that all the agents I’m querying think that my story is a fan fiction and they wouldn’t dare try to represent me. The agents think my ideas are unoriginal and no one wants to read my crap unless I publish it on But the thing is, I’m done writing fan fiction. That ship has sailed. I want, no, need to get published.

Here’s the video I made Saturday night. I know this video needs some serious editing, but unfortunately, I don’t have the money for any video editing software programs. I doubt that I even have the extra space on my computer anyway-

This video pretty much explains everything in under 40 minutes. Sorry if it’s a little long. But like I said, there needs to be some video editing and I don’t have the software. I wish I had the money for Windows Movie Maker. I loved playing with that program in high school and college.

Anyway, as you can see from this recording, I’ve made a decision about what to do with Super Frost and Stephanie Strange. I am posting video performances of me reading my stories online to get feedback and to get better readership on my blog and more Twitter followers. I have just above 200 followers on Twitter and I’ve realized that’s not enough for a writer who wants to be published. Especially when my internet readership ticker on my WordPress blog is under 5,000 hits.

When this post goes live and people hear my story from the video, which will be live by the time I’ve finished doing the SEO and adding categories to it, I’m hoping I’ll get more likes on it, I’ll get a larger readership, and maybe, just maybe, Marvel will pick up on it.

I’m doing more than one video of this, by the way. This video above has me reading the prologue of my story, and I intend on posting chapters one through four later. And I fully intend on posting maybe recording the first two or three chapters of Stephanie Strange, even though that story is still under construction.

But right now, dear readers and followers, I need you to do me a favor. If you have any female friends, sisters, wives, girlfriends, nieces, or daughters, I need you to shop on and contribute to my cause by purchasing a beautiful crochet design from my store. This is the final week of the sale I’m having on all of my crochet designs, and they are all reasonably priced just for you.

And if you do or did shop C’est Chic Geek, please write a review. You are helping so much for my cause. You’re not only helping children, teens and college students find their voices in writing as part of National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo on Twitter), you’re helping me and my family pay for Christmas presents. Because this year, my mom is not getting paid for any vacation she’s taking off and my parents still have no health insurance to pay for my dad’s medicine and doctor bills. My mom is also worried about going to collections agencies that want our money that we don’t really have.

We may not have a Christmas this year. By purchasing through my Etsy shop, you are helping me and my family have a better holiday. The only thing I know for certain at this point is that the only thing we’re getting for free, no strings attached, is a turkey for dinner, courtesy of dad’s work at the car dealership.

I hope I got the job at Diamond. But I’m really hoping I make enough money to break even this year.

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