The verdict is…

Honestly, I haven’t written anything for Super Frost or Stephanie Strange in three weeks. I’ve just been editing for the most part. You do know this is my fourth revision of Super Frost, right? And I’ve been working on this story since freshman year of college.

I’ve also been having a heated debate with my boyfriend of a year and four months that I should probably change everything about Violet’s world, take away all the Marvel and Avengers stuff, and turn it into something else that doesn’t sound like any superhero movie that’s currently in theatres or on DVD. I told him that I’ve been revising and writing nonstop for years, since 2007, even though I took a break from writing the story when I started going to Towson full time and busied myself to get my Bachelor’s.

I vowed to pitch this idea to Marvel because I really don’t have any ideas for Super Frost to become a series without the Avengers. I don’t know if there’s something I could do with that, unless I create a different team of superheroes and make Violet a little bit older, make her at least 18, and put her in a college for young people with superpowers. That’s what I wanted to do with my original fantasy idea Hexed, but I felt like it was too much Harry Potter that I was afraid I might get sued by Joanne Rowling herself.

That reminds me of a funny quote from Doctor Who in the David Tennant years, I think before 2008. “Wait until you read book seven. Ohhh… I cried…”

Yeah, Deathly Hallows was almost a tear jerking read. I whimpered in agony when Hedwig, Harry’s owl, died. I knew there was going to be so many character murders in the whole book, so it took me weeks, maybe months, to finish reading it, because I kept putting it down and stalling. But I read it all the way through with my hairs standing on end. I wept for Dobby, Tonks, Hedwig, Fred, and Remus Lupin. And I felt very sorry for poor Snape, who loved Lily Potter most of all.

But when I read the last chapter, I smiled, going, Ding dong, the Dark Lord’s dead!

Ok, I’ve had my laugh about the Potter books. Here is the first chapter of Super Frost:

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I am still waiting on a verdict from the job I applied and interviewed for. I haven’t heard anything from them and my guess is, they’re going to hire someone else, which makes me depressed the more I think about it.

I guess that’s the reason why I haven’t been writing very much. You could say that.

-Lady in the Blue Box 


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