Bringing back Letters to Authors

Hey everyone, sorry my blog posts have been so spotty for the past couple months.

Things haven’t been well at the Ahrens household. My dad keeps complaining about his feet hurting, because no matter how many medications he takes for diabetes and blood pressure, he still thinks he’s not taking enough to take care of his gout. Also, the weather has been very weird the last few weeks up until last weekend, where gusts of wind have been going at 60-70 mph speeds, but with beautiful sunshine weather and only 40 degrees, making it feel like below 25 or 20 degrees outside.

This makes no damn sense.

Anyway, I’ve noticed I haven’t really been writing any series of stories or letters other than of the Nerd Queen nature, and I think I want to bring one of them back. The Courtesy Cards were kind of fun, but with my television being picky about channels (I still can’t get NBC to come in which is why I constantly miss Jimmy Fallon), and Stephen Colbert is pretty much neglecting his Midnight Confessions and prefers to do other politically incorrect things to insult my horrible President Scrump, so I’ve lost the inspiration from that and given up on making more notes. The Confessions with Mr. Midnight I’ve put on permanent hiatus because the Twelfth Doctor has permanently left the show and I don’t have any more ideas to write another episode.

But Letters to Authors, I’ve been neglecting that series for too long. I still read some authors’ books now and then and I’ve come up with a couple ideas to write to them.

Very recently, I wrote another letter to Louise Hay about You Can Heal Your Life, still asking some questions about what to do in my final months of my 29th year. The reason why I wrote that letter but didn’t publish it here is because it’s a little too personal, for I got emotional in it since I had just learned a few months ago that Louise Hay had died in August of last year and I was heartbroken. For months, I had no idea that she passed, for I didn’t see any notifications on Facebook or Twitter, and I had to learn about the news of her from my mother only in December.

She was a 90 year old cancer survivor. She could have lived to be 100. She said in one of her inspirational videos that her 80s would be the best decade of her life. I guess it was, for it was the last decade of her life, and she went out with a bang in publishing some bestselling works of self help inspiration and being the co author of some great pieces of work on positive affirmations and learning to let go.

I still have questions for her and as much as I want them answered, I don’t think anyone will answer them for me. One of my best friends is in the Southwest right now, my other best friend lives an hour away and I haven’t seen her since December, and my boyfriend is probably getting tired of hearing me complain and whine over just what kind of nasty pop or dance music is playing on the stupid radio. That’s the problem I’m having right now.

The other problem I’m facing is, I’m halfway done writing Fame, Love, and Other Four Letter Nouns and by the time it’s done, I will have no project to complete during the month of April for Camp NaNoWriMo. Another difficulty is, people are just starting to get into my first work I’ve ever finished, Super Frost, which more or less is really a fan fiction and as much as I want to continue to develop the story and write sequels, I should delete the story from my Inkitt account and forget it ever getting published because of the following reasons:

1) I wanted it to get published under the Marvel Comic franchise, so I could involve the Avengers, hence making my characters Marvel’s New Young Avengers, so they could be a part of the Young Avengers program. But someone informed me that even if I did get it to Marvel Publishers, they would take the rights from me and give it to one of their staff writers and develop the story and the sequels without me, which is why it wouldn’t go the way I want it to and I’d rather give up. Besides, Marvel would never think to hire me even if I knew how to draw, which I’m terrible at. (except for drawing butterflies at the end of my signature)

2) If I decided to change something with the story, instead of using the Avengers, it still wouldn’t go the way I wanted it to. And if I kept the Avengers in my story, Marvel would sue me nonetheless because that’s a copyright issue. I mean, what kind of made up superhero name could replace Captain America? Captain Amazing? No, that’s Mystery Men. Captain Awesome? Sorry, no, that’s from NBC’s Chuck. That’s taken too. What about Commander USA? No, that sounds corny, and Marvel would still sue me for that. Oh yeah, and the Commander and Jetstream is taken because of the Disney movie Sky High, which kind of gave me the idea for Super Frost, but the movie was a flop that Disney didn’t even think about making any sequels to it, and I wanted to do something different, rewrite it somehow, so I could add the sequels and make it into a franchise or a series on its own.

Do you see the problem here? Super Frost is another dead end, just like my first novel attempt, Midsummer Clause, the novel I used a popular Shakespeare play to turn it into Midsummer Night’s Dream in 21st century Manhattan. It sucked. My superhero novel is yet another fan fiction disaster.

But you know, all novelists kind of start that way with writing fan made stories before they get serious about writing real stories with original characters. I did have one conversation with someone who encouraged me to do something like what E.L. James did with 50 Shades of Grey, since they were books that started off as a tribute to Twilight, then turned into an original erotica story.

But honestly, E.L. James is not a good example because when she was writing those Grey books, I doubt the woman had ever been to America in her life and she knew nothing about what fetish life was about. She had a third party source and practically researched it on Wikipedia, so she had never been to a Goth night club and saw what really went on in there. I have. And after reading the first two pages of her first book, which was self published by the way, I doubted that she got a hold of a professional editor to help her make adjustments to the manuscript, and I hated the main character right away, just like how I hated Bella in the Twilight books.

Basically, Grey and Twilight are books that rot your brain, in my opinion. I’d rather read a book that makes me think or makes me laugh, nothing that really takes itself too seriously. That’s why I prefer Gail Carriger over Stephanie Meyer. Lady Alexia is an awesome superhero in the steampunk realm, exorcising ghosts and turning werewolves mortal at her leisure, while in love with her werewolf husband, friends with a flamboyant vampire, and protecting Her Majesty Victoria with her parasol while pregnant with a metanatural, or “soul stealer”.

That’s pretty cool. I’m still reading Heartless right now, almost to the end of the Parasol Protectorate series and I’m getting closer to cracking open that ebook I have of the first installment of the Custard Protocol, Prudence, which is about Alexia’s daughter.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I want to get to their success. I want to keep writing letters to those authors since I need to write every day. If I write every day about anything, sooner or later, my writing will improve.

But still, I want my life to improve in the next four and a half months. Your 30s are supposed to be the best time of your life and I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 to get to the level of success that most writers get to. So when?

-Lady in the Blue Box


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