Writing mania

Three days ago, I wrote a grand total of 4,000 words for the day. Wednesday, I wrote nothing because of Charm City Trivia, but it really wasn’t anybody’s fault. I just didn’t think of anything to write.

But I’ve just increased my word count goal to 35,000 words by the end of the month. I’m not ashamed.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing a lot of anything else because I am currently unable to move that much. I got my daily exercise walking in two days in a row, and then Tuesday, I woke up and pulled something in the back of my leg below the knee, causing shooting, stabbing pain. Since then, I’ve been resting it a lot, sitting or lying down most of the time, and going easy on the laundry, maybe a little too easy since I’m really behind on clothes.

But I will say that I’ve been itching to write this April since February, and I probably should have waited a couple months until March to write my latest story that I pitched to Inkitt, which is live now. I will also say that I have already written the ending to Fame, Love, and Other Four Letter Nouns and the last middle chapter is nearly finished, so I will be posting the last four chapters of the novel, complete with author’s notes, very shortly. I’m very proud of it.

I’ve come up with two additional stories for books or novellas, which I will be posting shortly. One of them is an original science fiction and the other one is a fanfiction of… dare I say it… Doctor Whooves.

My boyfriend has gotten me into the fandom of Doctor Whooves from the My Little Pony universe, for I had admitted to him I was a big fan of Doctor Who, the third biggest fandom in the world next to Star Wars and Star Trek (Trek is still at number one). He got me to listen to a few Doctor Whooves fanfictions online that were read by voice actors, and I had to admit, they were fantastic. Each one of them goes along with the story of the original Doctor Who, but it also acts as a parody of the fandom, because the Doctor laughs hysterically when confronted by the pony characters of his enemies, such as the “Cyberponies” instead of Cybermen.

I have already watched the Doctor Who two part finale of “World Enough and Time” and “The Doctor Falls” where the Doctor says goodbye to Bill Potts and starts regenerating at the South Pole before he meets the First Doctor in the Christmas special. The two parter involved the same Mondassian Cybermen from the First Doctor episodes as they continued to evolve throughout the show, along with a surprising twist at the end of the first half. (Spoiler- Bill becomes a Cyberman who actually doesn’t want to and can’t kill and upgrade humans)

So listening to the pony Doctor laugh when he mentions the Cyberponies? I laugh at you, ha! Hilarious. They actually got some good voice actors to play the ponies for the fanfictions.

But anyway, my dear boyfriend Anthony recently showed me an episode of the My Little Pony variety, the Discovery Family version, and the episode featured Spike and Applejack’s cousin playing a version of D&D with Discord, voiced by Star Trek legend John Delancey, of course. I saw the whole thing and groaned. Anthony chuckled through the entire episode and said, “Oh no, nerds!”

I love that joke, because I am a nerd and I’m proud of it, babe. But I still won’t buy myself a pony plushie toy or redecorate my entire room with posters of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. I’m not that psychotic. I still love my movie and book posters on my wall, and my plushies of Disney’s Stitch, Babs from Tiny Toon Adventures, Sonic the Hedgehog, my white snowy koala bear, and my dachshund puppy that says “I love long kisses” that still has the same collar from when my baby man D’Artagnon was alive and still less than a year old all on my bed.

To be honest with you, I really don’t like the main, or “mane”, ponies that much, and I really hate the pink one. I hope you know that Pinkie Pie is the most obnoxious of them all. I actually prefer the side characters like Derpy and Doctor Whooves, and I like some of the villains, or characters that used to be villains, like Princess Luna and Discord.

The episode that featured Spike playing an RPG with Discord, a game that involved a “Squizzard”, I kept laughing and groaning throughout the show, especially when Discord had a terrible problem apologizing. “I’m ssss… ssssss… SSSSSSSS!”

Shit, I was no more good.

Just SAY YOU’RE SORRY! Stupid Discord, you nut.

But you know something? No one ever really put those two in a popular fanfiction story. I’m talking about the Doctor and Discord. What if the Doctor actually met him? What story would they have?

Midway through watching the My Little Pony episode, I said, “That’s it. I’m writing the damn thing myself.”

My boyfriend kept peeking over my shoulder to read what I’m writing, which he always does, and I’ve always told him time and time again, “Go back to the movie/video game/TV show! Pay no attention to what I’m writing, you vulture!” And yet, I should eat those words because my dad has the same problem with me when I’m standing next to him or looking over his shoulder, and he gets mad at me for “hovering”.

So I have got to do something about these stories I have in my head. There’s too much writing I want to do and only so many hours in a day.

I hope I don’t explode yet. Not until July.

-Lady in the Blue Box

Note: Midnight on Centauri (the original science fiction) will be available on Inkitt.com in a matter of days, or weeks, whenever I finish the second chapter. I am still working out where to put the fanfiction, The Discord Phenomenon.


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