Update on Facebook…

Your attention please… READ THIS IF YOU ARE A FRIEND ON MY PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGE, and please don’t reprimand me or scream at me for ranting on WordPress or social media.

Ok, it’s only been a week since I wrote my last post, and I know this is going to sound like a rant, but I will do my best to hold myself down.

I got a stupid email days ago when I hadn’t checked my email all weekend. I didn’t even know it was sitting in my inbox since Friday because my dad is thinking about cutting off the internet once and for all. NetGear WiFi has become too expensive every month.

Those of you bloggers who got this email, I feel your pain.

“Starting August 1, 2018 (that’s tomorrow), third party tools can no longer share posts automatically to Facebook profiles. This includes Publicize, the WordPress tool that connects your site to major social media platforms.”

Pardon me, I have to cuss. WHAT THE F*CK, WORDPRESS?!

Are you going to restrain my rights to publicizing on Twitter now? I’m not even allowed to check Facebook at home for longer than 2 minutes, two minutes!

You need to be a little more user friendly, unlike the greedy chauvinist criminal pig I call my US President, number 45.

Are you now going to issue a tax on every blog entry I post? What is wrong with you?

Ok, before I get carried away, deep breath… *sigh.

That said, I’m probably going to disappear on my professional Facebook for a while because WordPress will not cooperate with me anymore. I have no income, I have no job, and I have no way to pay for a WordPress upgrade to my website so that I can reach thousands of readers. I will probably never get published because of what WordPress is forcing me to do.

If you want to keep seeing my blog on WordPress, and you are on Facebook, do me a favor: register with WordPress.com. Get a WordPress account, or bookmark my page, rachelbethahrens.wordpress.com/home. Keep checking it every week. The Publicize option still works on my Twitter account, but you will never see my posts if you are on Facebook starting tomorrow.

I feel like I’m going to have to turn into a spammer to get people to read this blog.

What happened to the good old days of the typewriters and big IBM Windows 95 computers when internet was more affordable? I know it was slower with dial up, but think about it. No social media sites, no Friendster, no MySpace, no Instagram, and Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t even in college yet. People could still blog and publishing books was a little easier. And apart from the sex scandal, Bill Clinton was a great president until George Bush screwed it up and Obama had to fix it. Before Trump came in and undid everything both Clinton and Obama worked so hard for, and made this American country a purgatory.

Ok, enough politics talk. I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it just makes me angrier.

Maybe I need dinner. Maybe I need more water or tea.

I guess as I’m getting riled up, I’m starting to feel better. I don’t know if the new medicine is working. Doctor put me on a low dose of 150mg of Trileptal, an anticonvulsant that also acts like an antipsychotic. I’m a little less dizzy and a little more awake, but I don’t know how long it will last.

Today is my first day on Trileptal. Things are not good for me physically. I just need to give it two weeks.

I’m going to have to read more of this and see what I can edit out without people getting upset.

I didn’t mean to rant again, but I feel like it needs to be said. Bring back the Publicize option on Facebook, please, or I will be very disappointed. I don’t want to be changing different Facebook accounts all the time, logging into one and logging out on the same computer, going back and forth, or carrying two computers with me, or even using my one laptop while also being on the public library computer at the same time.

I try to keep my professional and private life separate so that certain people can see what I’m posting. I don’t share anything about parties or self pictures (you call them “selfies” but I don’t use that word. I’m a Renaissance/ “Regency” woman who still uses the term self portrait) on my professional account. I also don’t like it when my friends try to tag me in private life photos, linking it to my professional account when I want to keep that in my private account.

My Facebook account is Rachel Beth Ahrens, if you want to know. And my Twitter handle has always been @RachelBeth99.

And now the dizziness is settling back in. I don’t feel so good.

Thanos, back off.

-Lady in the Blue Box

Additional note-

Hey, everyone. I’m sorry I was so nasty earlier. All the strikethroughs you see up there (I know there are a lot of them), I hope you ignore them, or read them for shits and giggles. I tried to make this a little more entertaining. A little funnier.

And moderators of WordPress.com, allow me to owe you an apology for my rudeness. I fully accept that I can be rude when I get upset or when I’m in the first two or three weeks of taking my new medication for bipolar with rapid cycling. I’ve had this disability for many years, maybe decades. Let’s be friends. Please?

Can we talk about the fluffy 50s diner with cream soda and milkshakes with the Minions, Agnes, and unicorns? Can we talk about crochet costumes and dachshund puppies? Can we talk about awesome rock concerts with Fall Out Boy and Third Eye Blind?

That reminds me: COMING SOON, my review of #JohnCleeseLive at the Lyric Opera House, the screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with a Q&A with the man himself, the great British comic John Cleese.

Spoiler: He smiled at me in the audience!


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