Flash Fiction Challenge: Miss Marvel’s Nightmare

This is from the post from Fractured Faith‘s blog, which they posted on their website a couple days ago. They liked one of my posts, and I think they’ve also followed me on WordPress, so I clicked on their site to check them out.

They’re from Ireland! Cool! I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve always wanted to see the Irish countryside, despite that there’s very little internet there. I understand Ireland is very green and there are lots of clouds, but where there are clouds, there are lots of rainbows when the sun hits the clouds. I’ve seen lots of pictures in Ireland, and it’s beautiful.

Also, one of my favorite videos from Eurovision 2018 was the Ireland entry that went on to the finals. Lots of people loved that romantic gay couple dancing to acoustic guitar and lovely vocals, calling, “I thought we’d be together when we die/ I’ll forever wonder why…” Love that song.

But getting back to the subject, I have come up with a slice of life fiction based on a dream I had very early in the morning yesterday before falling back to sleep and having another Avengers related dream, again, about Thanos. I guess Infinity War inspired me a lot this summer, for it got me to write so much of my novel in the past month. 30,000 words of it.

By Rachel Beth Ahrens, Lady in the Blue Box Publishing, all rights reserved. I will post this to Wattpad.com later, when I have written more of this fan fiction, particularly of the second dream I had that same night.

I have also used quotes from the actual movie Avengers Infinity War, courtesy of its Captain America writers Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely. Nothing but respect for these awesome dudes. All rights of characters go to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics, and Buena Vista productions under Walt Disney.

If you even think about stealing this story or not using quotation marks “” with annotation… I will unleash the power of Dormammu and send you to the Dark Dimension FOREVER. Or I will just get Wreck It Ralph to come to your house and destroy your neighborhood. “I’M GONNA WRECK IT!”

Note: this is only a prediction of what I think is going to happen in the next two movies, Infinity War pt. 2 and Captain Marvel, in 2019. This does contain spoilers of both the latest Avengers movie and Ant Man and the Wasp, both which were released this summer. Do not read unless you’ve already seen both movies and their cut scenes at the end credits of each.

I was asleep that morning when I heard the screams in my head.

I didn’t know where they were coming from. And for some reason, I was the only one not affected by the phenomenon.

I saw images of the different screams coming from everywhere. In California, there was a tiny little girl with a rose headband in her hair, and she was clutching her favorite bunny, while walking downstairs in her parents’ house. The bunny kind of looked sick and twisted, a moving vampire like mouth and angry looking eyes. And when she squeezed it, it chuckled and said in a post nasal voice, “You’re my bestest friend!” Kids these days, I guess they are attracted to ugly things now, like the Bratz dolls, only this little girl liked ugly stuffed animals.

She went to her parents, a blond woman doing the dishes, and a darker man who looked like police, when he said, “Honey, I just got a text from headquarters, we’ve got to move.”

The mom said, “What is it, dear?”

Stepdad?” the little girl said.

The stepdad said, “There are hundreds of people missing, turning into dust, then causing accidents. I may have to work late. But I need to get both you and Cassie to a safe place right now.”

Did you try Scott?” the mom said. “Do you know how to get a hold of Dr. Pym or any of them?”

I tried calling them, they won’t answer. Voicemail. They may have been affected as well. Or they’re busy.”

Then the little girl pointed and gave a chilling scream.

The mom stopped what she was doing and dropped a wet glass that shattered on the floor. Her hands flew to her mouth. The stepdad had just dropped his phone because his hand was missing. Then pieces of his body started turning into dust and floating away into nothing.

Cassie, Maggie, get out of here, now!” the stepdad shouted.

Pax! No!” the mom screamed, running to him. But by the time she got to him, he fell to his knees, for his feet were missing, and the rest of his body melted away forever.

His gun fell on the floor and fired a shot into the mother’s stomach. The little girl screamed even harder, “MOMMY!”

The mom looked down at her stomach and saw the complete hole in her belly, for her body was fading into dust as well. She fell to the ground and reached out to her daughter.

Cassie, run!” she shouted. “RUN!”

And the mom melted away. Forever.

The little girl, Cassie, dropped her favorite bunny, and ran to her parents’ emergency cell phone. She dialed for a man named Scott Lang. It rang.

It went straight through to voicemail. So in a panic, Cassie said, “Daddy, it’s me. We have an emergency. Mommy and stepdad disappeared. This is a code Anton. We need Ant Man right now! Please, dad! Pick up the phone! 911! Come home right now!”

Her voice trailed off when she automatically saw something happen to one of her hands. She was losing grip on the phone because her fingers were slowly disappearing as well. She immediately hung up the phone. Her hands were completely gone. Then she lifted her arms and saw her arms were fading away. She gave the loudest shriek that stung my ears while she disappeared.


Miles away, a family trio of scientists were conducting an experiment on the roof. It looked like they were sending someone to the quantum realm through a tiny brown van.

The old man in the glasses said over the mic, “Ok, Scott, we will be pulling you back in five, four, three…”

And boom, he vanished. The old woman next to him put her arm out and shouted, “Hank!”

Dad!” the younger woman shouted. She looked at her mother and said, “Mom, what happened to dad?”

She knelt down and saw nothing. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen this before.”

She gasped and looked at her daughter. She screamed, “Hope! Your hands!”

Hope’s fingers were missing too. And both the mother and daughter were fading away.

MOM, NO!” was all Hope said before her mom faded away. But for a brief second, she saw her mother shed a tear and put both hands on her daughter’s face. And they were both gone.

Over the radio mic, a man was saying something to check in. It was the little girl’s daddy, Scott. “Ok, very funny, Dr. Pym. You can pull me back now.”

But no one answered.



Guys?” with a little more concern in his voice.

Still nothing.

Now Scott was panicking. “GUYS!”

He had just realized he was trapped in the quantum realm forever.

Then on another orange planet like Mars, a young teenage boy in a spider suit was feeling sick. He was feeling the same phenomenon happen to him too.

I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark!” he cried.

The man with the dark hair and the goatee I recognized immediately as Iron Man, Tony Stark of Stark Industries, and the leader of the Avengers, post Sokovia Accords. He held on to the kid for dear life as the kid began to fade away.

I don’t feel so good,” the kid said.

You’ll be fine, Mr. Parker, hang in there,” Tony said.

And without another moment to lose, the kid turned into dust. In a panic, Tony Stark turned to a man in a beaten up red cape and a battered Buddhist type uniform from East Asia. And the wise man in the red cape was fading away too.

I tried to tell you, Tony,” he said. “This was exactly how the one way out of 14 million futures this was going to go. I’m sorry I gave Thanos the Time Stone. But it was the only option. It was the only way I could save us.”

Tony stared at him in fear. “Doctor, I…”

It’s all right, Mr. Stark,” he said. “Goodbye.”

And he faded away as he closed his eyes one last time.

But now Tony was on that dead rock of a planet all by himself. He looked at his cell phone and saw he had no signal, even when he tried to call the love of his life, Pepper Potts. There was no way he’d be getting back to Earth.

There was so much screaming in my ears. A poor young woman clutching the body of her beloved, Scarlet Witch holding her Vision. And she faded away to gray dust, crying as she went, then waking up screaming, as if the place she was trapped in now was hell, and her body was burning. Captain America running through the woods of the Wakanda jungle when he found that his friend Falcon had also disappeared. He turned to his best friend Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, who too, turned into nothing but ashes.

And I was reminded of the poem, “Ashes to ashes… dust to dust…”

And the death poem echoed in my head as well:

Do not go gentle into that goodnight… Rage, rage against the dying of the light…”

I heard all of their screams all at once. And then I heard silence. The entire world was silenced. And it was like half of the world had died. People in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Diego, Sao Paolo… One teenage girl was screaming and crying for her dead brother in Wakanda as the guards came and said, “The Black Panther, the King T’Challa, is dead. Long live the Queen.”

It was like a plague. The plague of every firstborn. And all the Jewish and Egyptian people who lived, we were them. But this was different. They were fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends… Everyone. They were all dead.

I wanted to wake up from this terrible dream. I wanted the nightmare to be over at last.

I woke up in a panic. My heart was pounding. I looked around my room and saw that nothing had changed inside my apartment.

But I could still hear the sirens outside when I went into the bathroom to take my prescription for the headache I had. Then I looked outside. There were police cars outside, turned upside down, and a helicopter burning on top of a building. There were people dying.

I turned on the news. There was the technicolor screen giving a single high pitched tone. The screen said, “Please stand by during these technical difficulties…”

It was on every channel, except one. The news was airing live footage of the explosion outside. And it cut to live footage all over the world, from the many cities all over, and people were fading away one by one and simultaneously. There were so many casualties, I didn’t know what to think, except for this.

My dream was real. People were vanishing. People were dying. The entire population of Earth was evaporating or getting killed in just seconds.

The screaming in my head was deafening. I turned off the television and fell on my bed, yelling, until I caught my breath.

Then my cell phone rang. I grabbed it and saw the lock screen. Unknown number calling. Thinking it was Nick Fury using a secret phone number, I answered it.

Hello?” I moaned.

Captain Danvers, this is Nova Prime of the Nova Corps on planet Xandar,” the woman on the other end said.

I pressed my finger against my ear and popped my ear drum to get rid of the ringing. I was sure I heard that wrong.

I cleared my throat. “I’m sorry, who is this? Where’s Director Fury?”

Director Nick Fury of the Avengers is dead,” the woman said. “I know this is a lot to take in, but we’ve also lost millions of people and families here on planet Xandar. But we’ve received a distress call from Terra, which is your planet Earth, with only one word in the message. Aquarius. According to your Christian religion, the Age of Aquarius has begun, which means this is the apocalypse that is happening on your world. But it’s happening everywhere. People and children are dying. We need your help.”

I shook my head in denial. “Wait, what, I’m sorry?” I said. “I’m having a dumb blond moment. Did you say you were on another planet?”

Yes, Captain Danvers,” the woman called Nova Prime said. “Billions are dead on Xandar, but we have many other people on our strike force team ready to move in. We suspect that there are thousands of other worlds in the galaxy where trillions more are dead or missing. And it’s all because we were ambushed by a notorious galaxy war criminal, Thanos. All of our leads point to him, and we want to bring him to justice.”

This still confused me. But then an image came to mind. A big, purple monster in gold holding out his golden gloved hand, a gold glove that had jewels on them. And Thor was in front of him, for he had just struck an axe into his chest.

And the purple monster said, “You should have aimed for my head.”

When he snapped his fingers, he disappeared, and Thor faded to dust.

I came back to reality. Nova Prime was asking me on the other end, “Captain? Captain? Danvers, are you there?”

I finally came back and said, “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I think we’re on the same page.”

About what?” she said.

I think I have a clear picture in mind of who Thanos is,” I said. “He killed millions of people on Earth.”

Billions,” Nova Prime corrected me. “He has stolen the purple Power Infinity Stone from our vault and we have reason to believe that he’s combined all six Infinity Stones inside his Infinity Gauntlet to kill trillions of lives in the universe. He believes the only way to solve overpopulation on all planets is to give thousands of planets mercy killings. Murders. Trillions of murders to solve the overpopulation issue. But we have always disagreed, just the same with the leaders of the Kree Empire and the mass murderer Ronan.”

I sighed. “Can’t you get someone else to help you?”

We’ve tried contacting the Guardians of the Galaxy, but we’ve had no contact with them either. We’ve learned that they are also missing in action, or they’ve been killed by Thanos. We are also certain that Thanos murdered his favorite daughter Gamora, who is also one of the Guardians, in exchange for the Soul Stone.”

Shit. I almost said that out loud, didn’t I?

I’m so sorry,” I said. “What do you need from me?”

We will be sending a space craft to your location, Captain. You must meet us on the roof of your apartment building where you will be escorted to Xandar and be debriefed on the situation. Then, we will send you on your first mission to apprehend and arrest Thanos on counts of murder, theft, and mass destruction across the galaxy. He will be tried, and he will be facing hundreds of life sentences without parole, or a possible death sentence, which we have not done in quite some time.”

What about the Avengers?” I said.

Once we have the Infinity Gauntlet, we will destroy it,” Nova Prime said. “Along with the Infinity Stones. We’re not sure exactly how this is going to work, but we believe we will be able to undo what Thanos has done. We have some theories that the people who died can be revived using the Time Stone or the Soul Stone. That is why we need your area of expertise to locate him and bring him to justice.”

I felt my face get warm as I sat down on my bed. “That is not a battle you can win, if he’s killed that many, as you say. Theories are not good unless you experiment on them. How do you know the Infinity glove or whatever it is, will bring back dead people once they’ve gone?”

Carol,” Nova Prime said soothingly. “Are you having headaches?”

I squinted my eyes in the sunrise. “Yes,” I said.

Were you having nightmares, by any chance?” she said, as if she could read my mind.

Yeah, and it was weird, I was dreaming about this same situation. Everything happening now was in my dream.”

Did you hear anything unusual?” she said.

Oh my god. This is unreal. “All I can hear is people screaming inside my head.”

I heard silence on the other end. Then Nova Prime whispered something to someone, but I couldn’t hear. Then she came back to me and said, “All right, there is a very good chance that one of the Avengers placed something inside your head so you can hear them in another dimension. I don’t know how, but we believe there isn’t any time to explain. Captain Danvers, I order you to report for duty at 0900 in your time zone. Be sure to dress appropriately. We will debrief you in two hours. God speed.”

I look forward to meeting you, Miss Prime,” I said. “I will meet you at the rendezvous in fifteen minutes. Captain Marvel out.”

I hung up the phone and went to my hidden wardrobe. I pressed the button on the closet handle and the wardrobe slid out and opened.

My suit. I knew I would need it again someday.

I gave a cocky smile.

Thanos, prepare for doom.


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