Post #300: Who I am, from the bedroom window

I noticed I stopped writing one post away from 300, which came as a shock. I had no idea I had been writing that fast. Maybe because I ramble, just as that troll said. In fact, they were all trolls. Web trolls. And I was feeding them negativity, which is what they loved. They wanted […]

My last post… farewell…

This is going to be my very last post on any and ALL of my WordPress blogs. This is why: Comments on Loveism Weekly ( toejam writes at 8:46 p.m. Feb 3- (majesty poem) Ugh. Stick to your poorly-written, thinly veiled self-insert fanfiction you think is worthy of publishing. At least it’s garbage with entertainment […]

Deadly fate of the aspiring novelist dream

Farpoint is just days away as I’m writing this right now. The CCBC “Barnes and Noble” Bookstore on the Essex campus wants to charge me a fortune for one last textbook I need for a class, and they do not have the print copy unless I print out my professor’s email and register a complaint […]

Reasons why I quit the journalism career

My amazing boyfriend tries so hard, 200 percent, to motivate me to get a job and do something to make living worthwhile. Last night, he kind of quoted the L’Oreal Paris slogan that empowers women in telling me that he wants me to be happy and he wants to be the one to keep making […]

More of my favorite things…

Favorite movie musical: The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman goes back to what he does best, Broadway style singing and dancing, after he retired from the X Men with Logan. The songs are infectious, the cinematography is gorgeous, the costumes are beautiful, Zac Efron surprised me to being a great performer even though I still hate […]

Some of my favorite things…

College fall semester is officially over. Thank ‘Something’. The Higher Power. If there really is one. I don’t know if there is. In light of the holiday, I’m sure those of you in the States have seen this musical at least a dozen times whenever the Christmas season comes along: Sound of Music, for Julie […]

On the Rise part 3

Continued from the last two posts: Bubbles for Happiness was my campaign for #GivingTuesday, starting sometime after Thanksgiving, for I recorded a video blog post on Black Friday this year to help that campaign, part of a video series called Midnight Mania. (But because of my busy schedule, I’m thinking of calling it Morning Mania, […]