Looking Up

“Things are looking up, oh finally!” -Paramore I am so happy right now, I could dance around. WriteandAuthor.com just published my interview with them. And it looks wonderful. You can also see some additional things on there, such as some advice and a writing prompt that I’ve given, if you’re really focused on writing. And […]

Letters to Authors: Louise Hay

To my dearest readers, bear with me a moment. This post is about to get a little on the personal side, for this author has done amazing things and written/ co-authored books about changing your current life pattern. I hope I don’t cry in this post. Dear Louise Hay, First of all, thank you for […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: …San Diego part two

But back to the seminars. The first seminar I went to was “The Best Times at the End of Times: Writing Dystopia”. This one went rather well, watching a book trailer about a newly published graphic novel about a world where people live off of landfills and trash men are respected men of military. It […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: On my way to San Diego

Baltimore Writer’s Conference Series, part one Playlist selection (See the rest here >>> ): An entry of the Baltimore Writers’ Conference, written November 19, 2015 It’s officially my last day of work readiness and I’m certain that nerves will fly at the interview. My instructor told me that I would do just fine and that […]

Let me think about it…

And here’s a brand new edition of Conversations with Mr. Midnight >>> just for you… As I’m currently sitting in a very cold computer lab thinking up many ideas for the future. Number one is the Writers’ Conference at my alma mater Towson University in November, right at the time of National Novel Writing Month, […]

7 Deadly Reasons why Yanks will never write for the BBC…

As it is J.K. Rowling’s big 50th birthday (same day as Harry Potter’s- 50 points for Gryffindor!), I am posting something slightly amusing in her honor. Ms. Rowling posted inspiring things to say as she currently celebrated her birthday today with the actors of the eight-movie series based on her seven books, setting the standard […]

The updated Read List

This is quite possibly post number 99 (“99, would you believe…” no, it’s 98- “missed it by that much…”), and I’m currently struggling with what I should write or add as my “big 100” hundredth post. But to hold you for a while, at least until I can figure out something special to post for […]