Looking Up

“Things are looking up, oh finally!” -Paramore I am so happy right now, I could dance around. WriteandAuthor.com just published my interview with them. And it looks wonderful. You can also see some additional things on there, such as some advice and a writing prompt that I’ve given, if you’re really focused on writing. And […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: It’s Electric Eclectic

It’s been more than a week since Balticon 50 and I still feel like it was all a dream. It wasn’t like one of those weird dreams that you think you’re having and you wished it would end. It was more like one of those dreams you wished would never end and you would never […]

When I’m on Jimmy Fallon’s show

  I’ve been trying to get on the Tonight Show “Hashtags” almost as long as Jimmy Fallon’s been on the show. Whenever I flip on WBAL channel 11, the local NBC channel in Maryland, at 11:35 every Thursday, I listen to Fallon ramble about the puppet theatre that is the elections and cool news jokes […]

Letters to authors: Neil Gaiman

Writer’s Digest magazine gave me a really insightful tip: “Write the author… Doesn’t matter how famous… The more you pay it forward, the more people will know you.” So I’m making a new series all in a chain of posts in the form of letters. Starting with… Dear Mr. Gaiman, As a newly converted Whovian […]


The day of my last post from last week, I checked out Barnes and Noble, looking for the latest issue of Writer’s Digest magazine. While flipping through it, I noticed this article: It began with a quote from Stephen King, which said if you didn’t have the time to spend reading, don’t bother picking up […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: …San Diego part two

But back to the seminars. The first seminar I went to was “The Best Times at the End of Times: Writing Dystopia”. This one went rather well, watching a book trailer about a newly published graphic novel about a world where people live off of landfills and trash men are respected men of military. It […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: On my way to San Diego

Baltimore Writer’s Conference Series, part one Playlist selection (See the rest here >>> ): An entry of the Baltimore Writers’ Conference, written November 19, 2015 It’s officially my last day of work readiness and I’m certain that nerves will fly at the interview. My instructor told me that I would do just fine and that […]