Crochet maniac

I’ve been crocheting like mad. And I mean in the mad-insane kind of way. I’ve come up with three new designs for bustles, both of them in the superhero style. I decided to come up with a new style for Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn tie on skirts for ladies, and I’m thinking […]

Update: I am not to be laughed at

And here’s more crap that happened to me this morning and this week as well: (Please be aware that I will be pretty angry in this post- not intended for those under 14 years old) I still didn’t get my book. I thought it would arrive by the weekend, and Ready Player One still wasn’t […]

I am not to be laughed at

Disclaimer: There will be swear words in here, and this is not intended for children under 14 due to strong themes addressed here. I’ve had a very bad week. I had a horrible day at home on Friday the 18th. I finally got a call from my job coach after waiting nearly a month, maybe […]

Good News…

I know it’s really late to post this, but I have to tell you, my dear readers, some very good news. Last weekend, I had a really great time, despite my complaining of the weather and the personal conditions and bad memories I dealt with. About two months ago in 2009, I went to see […]

Looking Up

“Things are looking up, oh finally!” -Paramore I am so happy right now, I could dance around. just published my interview with them. And it looks wonderful. You can also see some additional things on there, such as some advice and a writing prompt that I’ve given, if you’re really focused on writing. And […]

Royally Flushed

A new idea just popped into my head a few days ago. A long while ago, I came up with a story about a handful of the Disney Princesses, who all get tangled in a party that goes awry. Rapunzel’s husband Flynn Rider gets kidnapped and in his place is Prince Eric, Ariel’s husband, who’s […]

The Strangest Dream

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a weird dream. In the dream, I was at a party for an old friend of my dad’s, but I didn’t know who. There were lots of children around since most of my dad’s friends all have children of their own. But at this party, a girl my age had been talking […]