Good News…

I know it’s really late to post this, but I have to tell you, my dear readers, some very good news. Last weekend, I had a really great time, despite my complaining of the weather and the personal conditions and bad memories I dealt with. About two months ago in 2009, I went to see […]

Looking Up

“Things are looking up, oh finally!” -Paramore I am so happy right now, I could dance around. just published my interview with them. And it looks wonderful. You can also see some additional things on there, such as some advice and a writing prompt that I’ve given, if you’re really focused on writing. And […]

Royally Flushed

A new idea just popped into my head a few days ago. A long while ago, I came up with a story about a handful of the Disney Princesses, who all get tangled in a party that goes awry. Rapunzel’s husband Flynn Rider gets kidnapped and in his place is Prince Eric, Ariel’s husband, who’s […]

The Strangest Dream

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a weird dream. In the dream, I was at a party for an old friend of my dad’s, but I didn’t know who. There were lots of children around since most of my dad’s friends all have children of their own. But at this party, a girl my age had been talking […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: It’s Electric Eclectic

It’s been more than a week since Balticon 50 and I still feel like it was all a dream. It wasn’t like one of those weird dreams that you think you’re having and you wished it would end. It was more like one of those dreams you wished would never end and you would never […]

Listen to the Doctor

Since last weekend, I’ve done what any normal person would do with a cold. I loaded up on fluids, I drank tea, I made a bowl of tomato soup, I rested through all the rain we had all week long. I was too tired to walk out the door on Monday, so I didn’t get […]

Q&A provided

Yesterday, I took three hours of my day to find out what was wrong with me. It started with a puzzle I had to do and several math and vocabulary tests, which all made me think what the hell am I doing here. Even the questions he asked me were aggravating. Neuropsychologist: Who was the […]