Post #300: Who I am, from the bedroom window

I noticed I stopped writing one post away from 300, which came as a shock. I had no idea I had been writing that fast. Maybe because I ramble, just as that troll said. In fact, they were all trolls. Web trolls. And I was feeding them negativity, which is what they loved. They wanted […]

My last post… farewell…

This is going to be my very last post on any and ALL of my WordPress blogs. This is why: Comments on Loveism Weekly ( toejam writes at 8:46 p.m. Feb 3- (majesty poem) Ugh. Stick to your poorly-written, thinly veiled self-insert fanfiction you think is worthy of publishing. At least it’s garbage with entertainment […]

The Doctor is In: The Bike, the Blonde, and the Predator

Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia, Dyspraxia and Coordination Problems “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”, Chris Chibnall, 2018 My initial reaction to the episode: “What the hell happened to the friggin Tardis?” “Fall off the bike 200 times, get back up.” “Is the screwdriver actually sonic? If it was actually made on Earth, does it count […]

Nerd Queen Journal: spam, witches, and… NI!

My 20th Nerd Queen Journal post is here at last! WOOT. And at long last, I get to tell you of the Black Knight’s evil plans that he revealed at the Lyric Opera House the weekend of my birthday, the night of July 28. (insert evil laugh) I know what you’re thinking, GET ON WITH […]

The Doctor Is In: What the Sonic?

Written 7/24/2018 The big nerd fest San Diego Comic Con is officially over, and it is one day before my 30th birthday. But I feel I’m getting impatient to see how the new season of Doctor Who is going to turn out, specifically on what the critics think. I became absolutely thrilled at the sight […]

Nerd Queen Journal: Fascinating…

We’re already getting close to the 20th post about the NQJ. But this one’s a little bit dour, because though there were some fabulous times at Shore Leave 40, as much as I hate to say this, the 40th year of the summer con was a disaster. Over the entire weekend, my father was exhausted […]

Weave and slip

I wrote half of this poem about a week ago and finished it today after the events of yesterday’s tragedy. There have been several events in Maryland where people were hurt or killed near my house, including the student who brought a gun and shot someone with special needs in Perry Hall High School cafeteria […]