Disney girls again- excerpt of Royally Flushed

On my Facebook page, I posted a small section of my story, Royally Flushed, where Ariel Triton and Eric Flynn were sucking on helium balloons and talking like chipmunks on the side of a hill. This is Belle’s story, with what she goes through at a hair salon. (Note- Anna and Elsa from Frozen are […]

Royally Flushed

A new idea just popped into my head a few days ago. A long while ago, I came up with a story about a handful of the Disney Princesses, who all get tangled in a party that goes awry. Rapunzel’s husband Flynn Rider gets kidnapped and in his place is Prince Eric, Ariel’s husband, who’s […]

Courtesy Cards: Disney Girls part three

Dear ladies of The Big Bang Theory, You did a fabulous job at portraying the three main Disney Princesses for your gentlemen. If only Raj’s new lady was dressed as Jasmine. The only thing I can say is Amy, you need to forget waiting for Sheldon to kiss you like the prince did to Snow […]

The Nerd Queen Reviews: ‘Ralph’ lives the dream

Rating: 3.5 hearts (out of 5) At long last, I saw Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph at the discount theatre in town. All I can say is: what a rush! From the beautiful techno music inspired by Owl City and happy Spyro the Dragon video games, to the powerful messages under the story and the old arcade […]

Courtesy Cards: More Disney girls

Some people have told me to add more Disney ladies I’ve previously left out, so here they are! Dear Aurora, I honestly love how you’re a princess with spunk. You dance and sing with the other creatures in the forest and tell them the stories of your dreams. But don’t let the stupid fairies lead […]

Courtesy Cards: The Disney Girls, part one

For all of you Disnerds (TM- Zach Levi again) Dear Snow White, Could you just get over yourself and find your own damn prince? What’s with all the occupying yourself with cleaning and cooking for seven little men? Is that really all you can do? Girl, you have issues. Maybe a little OCD. Dear Cinderella, […]