Brotherly compassion… or rivalry? Part three

And now, even more deductions, specifically centered around season three- 7- The Empty Hearse (season three), “deductions” scene at 221 B: There are a couple of moments in this scene at Baker Street where John Watson has refused to return to Sherlock’s side because Sherlock faked his death and didn’t tell him at the cliffhanger […]

Brotherly compassion… or rivalry? Part two

Ready for more deductions of the Holmes brothers? Here’s my take on season two- 4- Scandal in Belgravia (season two), Buckingham Palace scene: This is one of my favorite scenes in this episode, because 1, Benedict Cumberbatch is naked underneath his bed sheet, and 2, the scene was shot on a set that looked almost […]

“Brotherly” Compassion… or Rivalry?

A closer look at the Holmes children, from the Masterpiece Mystery series on PBS and BBC, Sherlock, Seasons 1-4 Part one- Conclusion number one: According to the stories by Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is a genius. Not just that, but an accomplished, high functioning sociopath. Throughout the BBC/ PBS series, Sherlock has no problem taking down […]

Mon amour

Mother’s Day weekend was very much filled with love… for Europe. I can imagine your reaction: “Whaaaaaaa?” I’ve just gotten a hold of Sherlock season four and I’ve already seen the first two episodes on that disc. I’m fascinated by how the entire season is going to end now that all I have to do […]

Nerd Queen rewatch: Avenging Coulson

Avengers (PG-13) After watching this movie, I have to say that this is the one time where Loki is not attractive. At all. I fail to see why he gets so many fangirls worshiping him after watching this movie. Near the end, Hulk clobbers his sorry ass and you can see it from a mile […]

Nerd Queen rewatch: Dark Elves and Magic

Thor: The Dark World (PG-13) Elves! Aether! Crazed physics anomalies! Oh, the convergence!!! So why is the Ninth Doctor planning on destroying the universe with a red Infinity Stone during said convergence? Yes, believe it or not, Christopher Eccleston (my first Doctor in Doctor Who) was drawn to the role of the evil dark elf […]

Nerd Queen rewatch: Mighty Gods

Ok, I have to admit it, Thor is gorgeous and so is his “adopted” brother. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to warm to the demigod of mischief. It is exactly as the actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston put it. Loki is a troubled child because he’s always been jealous of […]