America: The Complete History told by 3 idiots

Review of a Vagabond Theatre play- The Complete History of America (Abridged) Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) I saw this play over the weekend with my boyfriend as a proper date night in Fells Point. When he told me about this play we were seeing, he said that a few people walked out of the […]

Dirty 30 diet rules continued

As promised, in time for Christmas, here is the second half of the diet rules. Rule 16: Eat using a smaller plate or using a plate with a painted edge. When you put your food on a smaller plate, your food looks bigger, and you’ll be less inclined to eat more. Rule 17: Don’t serve […]

Dirty 30 diet rules for Thanksgiving

Today’s Thanksgiving, and in a few hours, it will be Black Friday for some people. (I hate Christmas shopping anytime before Thanksgiving- I also can’t stand those who have done their holiday shopping as far back as July or Easter. Pathetic) But right now, I know you’re probably worried about your waistline after you’ve had […]

The Cumberbabe strikes

I’m happy, but not so happy, about what Jimmy Fallon did on the Tonight Show last night. They didn’t get Benedict to speak with a squeaky voice. But that’s ok; they did something even funnier: Yeah, that was sick. I know that if my friend Robbie Greenberger was alive, he would have said his silly […]

NaNoWriMo strikes again!

It’s officially November 1st, All Saints’ Day, and that means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. It’s also National Authors’ Day, according to Twitter. So for writers everywhere: time to… PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYYYY! Get out your notebooks, computers, notepads, tablets, pens and pencils, anything, and write like you mean it in 30 days!!! Unfortunately, […]

Mad sounds in your ears…

I have absolutely no ideas this week for #MondayBlogs on Twitter, but I figured I’d post this excerpt from one of the short stories I’m still working on for my collection, Supernova Entropy. This story, like the song by Arctic Monkeys, is called “Mad Sounds”, and here’s how it works. There’s Hope, who is working hard […]

Disney girls again- excerpt of Royally Flushed

On my Facebook page, I posted a small section of my story, Royally Flushed, where Ariel Triton and Eric Flynn were sucking on helium balloons and talking like chipmunks on the side of a hill. This is Belle’s story, with what she goes through at a hair salon. (Note- Anna and Elsa from Frozen are […]