C’est Chic Geek special sale and announcement

To those of you who’ve read my most recent post of why I’ve been absent for the rest of January until the Super Bowl, here’s a little update on what I’m doing on Etsy.com. Those of you just tuning in to my blog, you may need to know or already know that I had a […]

The Mindful Thing About Doctor Strange- part 2

Phew. I said a ton in my last post. 1,500 words, wow. Let’s try to make this post a little shorter, shall we? I’ll just cut to the chase, as they do in Hollywood… Remember in the movie when the Ancient One told Stephen Strange that he was a man looking at the world through […]

Nerd Queen reviews: monster mashup

Kong Skull Island (PG-13) Rating: 3.5 hearts (out of 5) There are only a select few monster movies I’ll go see if I’m interested in them. The first Godzilla I saw was the Matthew Broderick movie that I thought was tolerable. I mean, Broderick was really cute and he aged well since Ferris Bueller. The […]

Nerd Queen rewatch: Avenging Coulson

Avengers (PG-13) After watching this movie, I have to say that this is the one time where Loki is not attractive. At all. I fail to see why he gets so many fangirls worshiping him after watching this movie. Near the end, Hulk clobbers his sorry ass and you can see it from a mile […]

Nerd Queen review: The Magnificent Strange

Movie: Marvel’s Doctor Strange (PG-13) Rating (out of 5): 5 hearts I’ll put it simple… Go see this film. NOW. If you’ve seen all the other Marvel movies, this one is absolutely essential to see because one, it involves an Infinity Stone, and two, there’s a cut scene where another Avenger (the hot one from […]

“Nothing is as scary as Election Day…”

For this post, I quoted Norah Jones from her song “My Dear Country”: “Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out And everywhere they’d go, they shout And though I covered my eyes I knew They’d go away But fear’s the only thing I saw And three days later was clear to all That nothing is […]

Nerd Queen rewatch: Star Trek Into Darkness

Since I’ve been so busy doing other things with my family and my new boyfriend, I haven’t been able to get to the theatres to see Star Trek Beyond. But I did have time a couple days ago to look at one of the DVDs I borrowed from the library and rewatch them. Blame my […]