Good News…

I know it’s really late to post this, but I have to tell you, my dear readers, some very good news. Last weekend, I had a really great time, despite my complaining of the weather and the personal conditions and bad memories I dealt with. About two months ago in 2009, I went to see […]

America: The Complete History told by 3 idiots

Review of a Vagabond Theatre play- The Complete History of America (Abridged) Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) I saw this play over the weekend with my boyfriend as a proper date night in Fells Point. When he told me about this play we were seeing, he said that a few people walked out of the […]

The Nerd Queen Journal: It’s Electric Eclectic

It’s been more than a week since Balticon 50 and I still feel like it was all a dream. It wasn’t like one of those weird dreams that you think you’re having and you wished it would end. It was more like one of those dreams you wished would never end and you would never […]

First Friday

It is the first Friday of the month of April, and I am actually a bit depressed. Normally, this is the night I go to The Charred Rib in Timonium for karaoke, but now that it’s gone just like my favorite concert venue Recher Theatre, I now have nothing to do Friday nights. I have […]

A Final Tribute to the Recher

In light of the sad news of the Recher’s closing, I’ve found a little practice piece from my final semester at TowsonUniversity, and it’s all about my favorite place to see a great show. I plan to go there one last time before they close forever, but I’m sure I will never find another great […]

Opinion: The end of the line for rock and roll

After everything I just learned, I seriously need to get out of Maryland for good. Two nights ago before dinner, I learned some horrible, petrifying news: Brian Recher, owner of the fantastic Recher Theatre, has sold the beloved rock venue gem to someone who plans to turn it into a stingy night club. Honestly, that’s […]